delectaballs, food truck, hindmarsh square
Delectaballs branding on their take away boxes

Adelaide’s very own meatball food truck is out and about dudes and dudettes!

Mr Darcy is who to look out for if you’re after some balls.

delectaballs, food truck, hindmarsh square
Mr Darcy the food truck and menu

We made a date with Mr Darcy at Hindmarsh Square as he frequents there on a weekly basis for some lunch meatballs. Wanna hunt him down? Follow the lad here and here.

delectaballs, food truck, hindmarsh square
Bucket ‘o’ balls; $6.00

Crispy deep fried bite sized cheese balls with chilli cheese sauce, non-spicy eaters beware! 😉

delectaballs, food truck, hindmarsh square
Veggie balls; $8.00

A serving of pumpkin and feta balls on a fennel citrus salad with beetroot dip for myself, although it’s not the prettiest thing I’ve laid eyes on, it was okay. Good flavours with lots of textural elements however a bit tricky to eat as the fennel salad had large chunks here and there whilst I had to be careful not to get the bright pink beetroot dressing all over my face.. or have it flick onto my clothes.

delectaballs, food truck, hindmarsh square
Ball wrap (without the wrap cause they ran out); $10.00

C-bear’s ball wrap minus the wrap was a combination of trio lamb meatballs, hommus, lettuce, tzatiki and tomato, cucumber salsa; the bear said it was good so I’ll take their word for it. 🙂

These hand made and healthy meatballs weren’t quite amazeballs in my books, but they were comforting and homely, reminiscent of something you’d get from your or your friend’s nonnas place. 😉


M 0419 847 842

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