Base Bar at The Bath Hotel, Norwood

After spying a hip and new modern bar down The Parade next door to The Bath (an extension of The Bath), I instantly told the stranger that a visit had to be on the cards. The 200 year old Egyptian doors opened up to a dark urban industrial space with an open kitchen fitted with a huge wood oven, open face brick walls, tiled benches and tiled tables, exposed ceiling with hanging industrial lights, a mixture of wood, metal and ceramic fittings and a black wall of wine shelf displays towards the back of the venue. A beer garden sat between both Base Bar and The Bath Hotel connecting the two together. Base is targeted towards a younger crowd with offerings of cocktails, craft beers, wood oven pizzas and tapas.

base bar, the bath hotel
Menu shot, interior, wood oven

We claimed our spot inside the venue and took our time going through the menu. Wood fire roasted pork belly with remesco sauce; $12.00, handmade gnocchi, pumpkin puree, sage, rocket and pine nuts; $14.00, crispy Schezuan chicken with garlic aioli and coriander; $10.00… what to order? We got none of what I just mentioned (ha!)… but we ordered a huge platter of little items instead… which was to be collected by us when those darn buzzers started going off. Yes, when you order your food here, they give you one of those buzzers that you get given at Cibo or Burger Theory! I think it kinda ‘degrades’ the experience somewhat considering that the food here isn’t so cheap either, so it’d be nice if someone actually served us the food… anyways…

base bar, the bath hotel
Pulled pork sliders with house slaw and chipotle aioli with fries; $16.00
Cider braised American pork short ribs with house made spicy bbq sauce; $14.00
Spanish paella, arborio rice, sofrito, SA prawns, chicken, mussels, squid and peas; $15.00
Chilli fries with lemon basil aioli; $8.00

A huge wooden platter/chopping board with our selected small plates was collected from the counter. We got pulled pork sliders where the pulled pork wasn’t so pulled *face palm*, by the way, you get three in total as it doesn’t say how many you get on the menu. The pork ribs were braised then covered in a bbq sauce, they were only okay… I think I’m gonna have to make a rule to myself – ‘No ordering of ribs allowed unless it’s from Hurricane’s to avoid disappointment’, it’s like when you upgrade from dial up to ADSL – you just can’t go back! The paella was actually really good but it was more of a seafood risotto and I would have been happier if it was labeled as the latter. The ‘paella’ had no crust whatsoever on the base and was cooked in a separate pan then scooped into the serving bowl… so paella – nay, risotto – yay. The chilli fries were not so chilli and the order of them was really a failure on our part as we forgot that fries came with the pork sliders as well. Oops! People tend to forget things when they’ve had a bit too much to drink the night prior or didn’t catch enough zzz’s. 😛

I really loved the decor of the place but for the premium price one had to pay for the not so great food, I wouldn’t say it was worth it.

Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 2/5
Ambience: 3.5/5


Base Bar at The Bath Hotel
234 The Parade
Norwood SA 5067

Opening hours
Mon-Tue Closed
Wed-Thu 5pm-10.30pm
Fri-Sun 12pm-1am

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