Auge Ristorante | Spuntini Bar, Adelaide [Closed]

Delicious Italian eats at Auge Ristorante with a Groupon voucher in hand, a three course dinner with Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) for two for $79. Ch-ch-ch-cheap dinner for this award winning restaurant.

auge ristorante, spuntini bar

Auge was super slick, elegant and modern; the space was divided into 2 separate areas by a sheer silk curtain: the restaurant for formal dining (where we dined for the evening) and the spuntini bar, a more casual affair for light snacks and drinks by the bar.

Some carbs and bubbles were offered to start our evening…

auge ristorante, spuntini bar
Menu, bread and Prosecco

Then a selection of entrees were presented to share between the both of us.

auge ristorante, spuntini bar
Pickled seafood and aioli
Affettato misto: a selection of locally cured meats served with marinated olives and grissini (breadsticks); $22.00
Antipasto della casa: a selection of daily house made appetisers to share; $22.00

There was a selection of locally cured meats on offer: thinly sliced salami, prosciutto and ham with a handful of crunchy grissinis. The antipasto della casa had calamari, fish and prawns lightly dusted in flour and pan fried, a small pile of fresh crisp fennel salad, pesto, aracini ball and either buffalo or mozzarello soft cheese. We polished off both platters when I quietly groaned, ‘I’m full…!‘ – no surprises there cause it’s a common statement that I make during almost every dinner outing. The stomach still needs to be trained to take in more food, haha!

auge ristorante, spuntini bar
Il maiale brasato con carote e mele cotogne: braised pork belly, heirloom carrots, quince and charred kale; $39.00
Il pescato del giorno: fresh market fish with seasonal produce; $39.00

Oh my, the braised pork belly with a variety of coloured heirloom carrots, quince and charred kale was amazing! The Stranger cleaned the plate up in no time, the fatty pork belly melted away with each bite accompanied with crunchy and sweet heirloom carrots with their tops still intact. The charred kale was a great add on to the dish, super light, crispy and flavourful, almost reminiscent of eating fried seaweed. I ordered the fresh market fish which was fish baked in parchment with other seafood of cockles, mussels, prawns, squid and a bay leaf for fragrance and flavour. The accompaniment salad ($9.50) was vibrant and zingy with radicchio leaves, basil and almond flakes in a light dressing. Mmmm~

auge ristorante, spuntini bar
Il affogato della casa:; $16.50

I made sure I still had room for dessert! The Stranger opted for the good ol’ affogato, a concoction of house made vanilla bean gelato with liqueur and espresso coffee whilst I went for something a bit more decadent! The il cioccolate con sorbetta di latte: chocolate ribbon, milk sorbet, prune, espresso gel; $16.50, an incredibly rich but delicious chocolate sensation. The chocolate ribbon was super smooth and not too sweet with sprinkles of crunch on top to add some textural contrast with each bite. The prunes and espresso gel balanced the richness of the chocolate with some sweetness and a nice caffeine hit and the scoop of milk sorbet was the perfect finish; cool, refreshing and mildly sweet to round off the palate. Delicious!

A lovely evening with quality food and company, the service was top notch too! Our waiter was attentive and friendly even making some general chit chat with us (mainly with the stranger as they discussed the live soccer scores for the evening! Heh.) 😛


Auge Ristorante | Spuntini Bar
22 Grote Street
Adelaide SA 5000

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