Republic, Norwood

The newest venue in town is Republic which sits on the corner of Magill Road and Osmond Terrace in place of its predecessor: The Oriental (wow, the website’s still up!). I got to check out the new bar slash restaurant slash hotel towards the end of last year through an invite to their media dinner (thanks Adam!) and I’m finally getting around to posting about it now, heh.

Once I received my invite, I did a bit of research about the new place and stumbled upon this (vegeterians and vegans beware!). Oh boy, was I excited or what? MMmmhmmm~ I couldn’t wait to check the place out.

republic, norwood

republic, norwood

The place was large, modern and open with plenty of seating available. The large bar graced one side of the venue looking out to an open restaurant with tall wooden tables and bar stools, adjacent from it was the outdoor beer garden for patrons to soak up the sun rays, and on the far opposite side, a more dark and cosy seating area with partitioned booths.

republic, norwood
Table setting in the restaurant area

republic, norwood
Funky looking light bulb

Guests were treated to some cocktails whilst we all mingled.

republic, norwood
Ginger ninja: Ketel One Vodka, apple schnapps, ginger syrup topped with ginger beer
Passionfruit mojito: Havana Club, 42Below passion, passionfruit pulp, mint and fresh lime charged with soda
Red berry collins: Tanqueray gin, raspberry vodka, fresh strawberries and raspberry puree

republic, norwood
Media dinner table

republic, norwood
Republic branded wine glasses

We were in for a feast that evening as we were all treated to their ‘spread‘ menu which diners can experience at $55.00 per person.

We started off with grilled flat bread and dips and warm marinated olives to share.

republic, norwood
Three dip selection served with crusty bread with roast pumpkin and chermoula, eggplant and butter roasted walnuts and white bean and bay; $14.00

Ka-runchy thick slices of fresh bread with thick slatherings of vegetable dips… mmmmMm

republic, norwood
Fresh bread and vegetables on display by the open kitchen

republic, norwood
Vitello tonnato, tuna mayonnaise, rocket; $15.00

A light and cold start to the spread with the vitello tonnato (which I initially read as ‘tomato’), it’s a cold and sliced veal dish covered with a tuna mayonnaise and served with rocket leaves and wedges of lemon.

republic, norwood
Roast prawns, lemon, confit garlic, parsley; $30.00

I usually don’t order prawns when I’m eating out only cause I can never be bothered to peel the shells off the meat and then having to wash my hands after. Yeah, me lazy. I know. But when in Rome, or at the Republic, you just gotta dig in and give it a shot. So glad I did and got my fingers dirty for these little suckers though, they were so good. Large, juicy king sized prawns; the meat was plump, firm and sweet and the light char lent a nice and aromatic flavour to the meat. The lemon, confit garlic and parsley added subtle and light notes to each bite, yummy!

Next up… this little guy!

republic, norwood
Chef Bradd Johns and suckling pig pose for the camera

republic, norwood
Crispy skin suckling pig, roast apple, cider jus
Greek style lamb, tzatziki, thyme jus

Deeeeeeeelicious! Crackling was cracking, suckling pig was succulent and the roast apple and cider jus were great sweet accompaniments to complement the dish. Then there was the lamb with tzatziki and thyme jus. The meat was moist and cooked beautifully, I didn’t think the thyme jus was needed but it was there for whoever fancied it.

republic, norwood
Greek salad – olives, tomatoes, cucumber, feta

Along with our mains, there was the Greek salad and gratin potatoes, oregano and onions which was absolutely divine. So incredibly moreish and well seasoned… it took a bit of restraint from myself to go back for seconds, or in this case, thirds! :)~

By now, I was clutching my belly from over eating and had to turn down these lovely things: dessert and cheese. CHEESE!

FYI, ‘The spread‘ only comes with the passionfruit and mango pavlova, but we got some extras thrown in for the evening. 😉

republic, norwood
Passionfruit and mango pavlova; $10.00
Crème brulee, blackcurrant sorbet; $10.00

Other sweet treats for the evening included their hot chocolate pudding with vanilla bean ice cream; $10.00 and caramelised peaches, spiced crème fraîche and rum baba; $10.00. Given the muffled silence and everyone smiling and digging their spoons back into the desserts on offer time and time again, I’d say that they were a hit with the table!

republic, norwood
Daily cheese selection, handmade lavosh, fig chutney; $10.00

republic, norwood
Snap snap!

Republic is a great place to chill out with a group of friends over a cold beverage especially during this sweltering heat wave! The atmosphere is relaxing and casual and the food’s pretty tasty too. Have you been? Let me know what you thought of it. 🙂

Hope you’re all staying cool and hydrated!


The Republic
120 Magill Road
Norwood SA 5067
P 08 8362 4657

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10am-Late
Sat-Sun 9am-Late

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5 comments for “Republic, Norwood

  1. January 17, 2014 at 11:55 AM

    G’day and thanks Dee, always enjoy your down to earth review!
    Looks like a fun place to catch up with friends too!
    Cheers! Joanne

    • dee
      January 22, 2014 at 11:48 AM

      Thanks Joanne, it’s a nice new spot to hang out! Let me know what you think if you ever go. 🙂

  2. January 24, 2014 at 8:29 AM

    This is a new place to be ventured. It seems that it is a nice spot for a romantic date. Thanks dude for the post!

  3. Alex
    April 7, 2014 at 10:11 AM

    Congratulations this is one of the best pay for reviews I have seen in a long time. With comments like these I hope they paid enough. I went to the republic but it bared little or no resemblance to your unbiased review, maybe because I was an actual paying member of the public.

    • dee
      April 7, 2014 at 11:10 AM

      Seriously? Comments like these are unnecessary, based on assumptions and at most, condescending. It’s a shame that you didn’t enjoy your time at The Republic whereas I did, but you have also got to take into account the different scenarios that we were both in when we dined there, ie. time/date of visit, a media launch, different menu, etc. Yes, you paid for your meal as any other normal person would, and likewise, I am more often than not in your shoes too. My experiences on my blog have always been honest and truthful whether I have been a paying customer or not, so your accusations and comments are false and completely untrue. No monetary gains have been received from my blog post about my experience at The Republic and if anything was (for any other future posts as well), a disclaimer or a note is always posted so readers are aware of the circumstances of my dining experiences.

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