Shiki at InterContinental Adelaide, Adelaide

A fancy dinner for a special occasion. To celebrate The Stranger’s birthday, we spoiled ourselves at Shiki Japanese Restaurant located inside the Intercontinental Adelaide hotel. The interior of the hotel is stunning and so grand with the multi level stairs surrounding the centre of the tall hotel building (check out the pic below).

shiki, teppanyaki, intercontinental hotel
Shiki entrance, inside the hotel
Rockford Alicante Bouchet; $10.00
Asahi beer on tap 400ml; $10.00

We got seated around a teppanyaki station along with other diners as we watched the chef work their magic cooking, searing, flipping and flaming what have you before serving it individually to each diner. Our friendly and attentive waiter handed us our menus and gave us time to peruse through it. We decided to skip the degustation meals on offer and ordered a la carte instead, that way we could really eat what we wanted from their menu.

shiki, teppanyaki, intercontinental hotel
Table setting and complimentary soba noodles,
Sashimi entrée; $14.00
Sushi entrée: California roll and mixed maki sushi; $13.00
Tosaka and wakame Japanese seaweed salad; $12.00
Seared Mt Gambier beef tataki with grated chilli radish and ponzu sauce; $15.00

After putting our massive order through, our food started to trickle out of the kitchen. First up, we were presented with a small serving of complimentary soba noodles to kick start our appetites; they were cold and refreshing with a light soy dressing. Keeping in line with the cold dishes, sashimi and sushi were next. Both were splendid and we expected no less from such a well known and established eatery in Adelaide. The sashimi slices of Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, Queensland Yellow Fin tuna and king fish were fresh and vibrant. The seaweed salad and beef tataki followed. The seaweed was bright and crunchy, it had a variety of seaweed types all varying in textures, shape and colour; and the beef tataki had the faintest sear on the outside with the beef still pink and incredibly tender.

shiki, teppanyaki, intercontinental hotel
View of the Adelaide Oval
Tempura Coffin Bay oysters; $14.00
Tempura mixed vegetables: button mushroom, eggplant, sweet potato and pumpkin; $15.00

Tempura – deep fried goodness! The oysters were utterly creamy and velvety smooth with a light, crunchy and airy batter. The tempura vegetables were all cooked well, naturally sweet in flavour which was further enhanced with a light dunk in the accompanied sweet light soy sauce.

Then, onto the main attraction of the evening. The teppanyaki!

shiki, teppanyaki, intercontinental hotel
Moreton Bay bugs; $45.00
Hervey Bay scallops; $27.00
Darling Downs wagyu beef striploin with fried garlic flakes; $53.00

Our chef came out of the kitchen and started the grill whilst he ran through our order again to ensure that he had it all correct. He started grilling the Moreton Bay bugs before serving it to us and informing us on which sauce to dip it into. They were plump and juicy however I found it slightly under seasoned. Scallops were next to go on the grill. They had a beautiful caramelised sear when done and I was excited to dig in, unfortunately we thought the scallops were left on the grill a tad too long as the meat was on the chewy side – such a shame cause it looked so good. The wagyu didn’t fair much better, we ordered the wagyu to be medium rare and after the theatricals of the flames preempted by a splash of alcohol on the grill, we found our meat to be more on the medium end of things as the meat was slightly tough and dry. By the way, those flames were hotttttt!! Our order of fried noodles and crocodile was last. The fried noodles (not pictured) with a variety of vegetables and a fried egg were flavourful and filling with a sweet dark soy sauce but the Queensland crocodile fillet marinated in ginger, garlic and fish sauce; $25.00 was… for lack of better words, not good. Our chef was heavy handed on the fish sauce and the final dish was just about inedible, so soooo salty!

A nice and intimate dining experience however the star of the show, the teppanyaki, although entertaining and interactive, was the let down of our meal. Shiki has been around since 1988 and it’s a place one would go to for a special occasion or for a splurge. Now that we’ve been, we can cross that off our list… onto the next meal!


North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8238 2382

Opening hours
Mon-Sun 6pm-11pm

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