Street ADL, Rundle Street East, Adelaide

This place has been high on my list the moment I heard that chef Jock Zonfrillo, former chef of Magill Estate, was opening up an eatery on the popular strip of Rundle Street in the east end of the city. Two restaurants on the one premise; upstairs being the formal and high end restaurant called Orana with a degustation menu showcasing Australia’s native ingredients whilst downstairs is ‘Street’, a split level dining area with a more casual and relaxed vibe with a large bar – the perfect spot for an after work pick me up beverage ;).

street adl
Menu lit up on the wall and cold beers to combat the humid and sticky weather

The space was large and open with plenty of seating available inside and outside. The menu was showcased on one side of the wall almost like an art installation in an array of different coloured light boxes with different font faces. We took turns to get out of our seat to spy on the menu and decided on a handful of plates to share.

Time to get our fingers dirty! Thankfully we were given a hand washing bowl bucket so we could wash our hands once we were done.

street adl
Hot wings; $12.90
BBQ pork ribs braised, fried and glazed; $18.90

Hello hot wings! Although we would have preferred the wings to be crisper on the outside, the sauce won us over. A nice spicy kick and each wing had a good amount of sauce to pair up with the meat inside. As for the ribs, they were glazed in a quandong and bush tomato sauce which was sweet and sticky; the meat being tender and falling off the bone with ease. The fried crispiness on the outside was a nice textural surprise! Definitely one of the better ribs we’ve had in Adelaide.

street adl
Crisp fries; $6.90
Cheeseburger: dry aged rump and chuck, our bacon; $14.90

They weren’t lying when they said these fries were crispy! They were sooooo crispy and not dry. Just the right amount of seasoning! We couldn’t get to the bottom of the box so we took it away whilst we wondered around the gardens and snacking at it every now and then. No doubt they were cold by then, but still so incredibly crispy and good! These are a must order should you drop into Street for a bite. The cheeseburger was tasty and the pattie was juicy and flavourful but we thought it wasn’t worth the price tag.

street adl
Kangaroo shoulder to share; $16.90pp

Street offers a menu that is casual and relaxed with the food being served in cardboard boxes; I’m not too much of a fan of the cardboard boxes but they do their job. Food is tasty and simple utilising Australian native ingredients and paired with fresh and local produce.

No reservations needed for Street ADL, walk ins only. 😉


Street ADL
285 Rundle Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8227 0344

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3 comments for “Street ADL, Rundle Street East, Adelaide

  1. February 19, 2014 at 6:15 PM

    woahhhh were the servings quite large? It looks so expensive for street food (maybe I am thinking too much of Asian countries :P)

    • dee
      February 20, 2014 at 9:34 AM

      The servings were okay, it looked a bit ‘small’ but after going through the wings and ribs, I was already full. Then I had to stuff the rest in which was quite a struggle. We didn’t finish the kangaroo or the chips – even though we took it away with us, it ended up getting binned. If you wanna give Street a go, I’d come here for a light snack and a beverage. A serve of hot wings and chips should suffice to keep your hunger at bay – along with a beverage of course!

  2. Jack
    April 14, 2014 at 9:27 AM

    This is one restaurant that is pushing the boundaries of what we are used to in regular Australian cuisine! And they have NAILED IT. It’s not modern Australian, it is pure Australian! And along with the great service, and fantastic suggestions of wine to match the food we ordered, I will definitely be returning and recommending to all!

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