Downtown HDCB, Adelaide [Closed]

From the same owners at Jack Ruby on King William Street, they’ve opened up a dive bar and hot dog joint around the corner in downtown Adelaide Hindley Street called Downtown HDCB (hot dogs and cold beer).

downtown hdcb
Downtown HDCB – the signage itself takes me back to NYC

downtown hdcb

We were there for their famous celebrity named hot dogs and a cold beer for The Stranger and a soda for myself. Non hot dog eaters, you haven’t been forgotten either. 😉

downtown hdcb
7UP cherry flavoured soda; $5.00

downtown hdcb
View from the booth dining area towards the back of the venue

They’ve got a narrow space but the venue runs deep towards the back and up a few steps of stairs where there was extra booth seating available with bar seating overlooking the kitchen and bar area. It was cool, retro and super laid back with an old school arcade game with free plays for patrons in one corner – a hit with the boys of all ages I’d say. The walls were plastered with old newspaper/magazine clippings and posters and the female toilet walls were graffiti-ed up… boys, check out the toilet walls in your restroom! 😉

downtown hdcb
Old school arcade game (free plays) – NBA Jam

downtown hdcb
Where the magic happens

downtown hdcb
Gordon fuckin’ Ramsay: porchetta and fuckin’ chilli pork dawg, truffle potato fuckin’ puree, onion gravy and peas; $12.00

The Stranger couldn’t go past the Gordon effing Ramsay and good thing he ordered it cause it was prettyyyyy good! The truffle potato puree was the absolute stand out, so velvety, smooth and creamy complemented with vibrant pops of sweet peas. The Gordon Ramsay was pretty much your standard, yet delicious, bangers and mash wedged between a soft hot dog bun.

downtown hdcb
Michelle Obama: classic beef dawg, sauerkraut, onion relish, American mustard, ketchup and cheese; $12.00

I stuck with the basics and opted for Michelle. Classic and always a winner – much like Michelle Obama herself.

downtown hdcb
Chowtown chilli fries; $12.00

These should be hoovered down fast otherwise the cheese cools and clumps all the fries together.

downtown hdcb
Hot dog holder

And in case you’ve forgotten what you just smashed down, your serving ware reminds you exactly that… with a wave!

I’m keen to go back and dapple into their cocktail menu… I mean, they’ve got one called: Adios muthafukkkaaa! : It’s like a long island. You don’t really wanna know what’s in it do ya? How hilarious is that?!


Downtown HDCB
99 Hindley Street
Adelaide SA 5000

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