Chocolateria San Churro, Winter Menu Preview

DISCLOSURE: dbites received an invite for two to preview San Churro’s new winter menu courtesy of San Churro and Haystac. All food and beverages were provided for the evening. This in no way affects my opinion or influences it in any way; all opinions are my own.

san churro, winter menu preview, interior
View from the second level at San Churro Gouger Street

Summer is well and truly gone (except for that day last week when it hit 36 degrees celcius – say what?!), we’re well into Autumn and before we know it, winter has come knockin’ on our doors! With shorter days ahead and chilly nights upon us, we turn to our ultimate comfort foods – chocolate being one of the most decadent ones. San Churros has released a winter menu with new winter themed goodies tailored for those cooler nights targeted towards the young and old.

san churro, winter menu preview, media pass
Media pass – we felt rather VIP 😉

Tiger and I were in for a night of chocolate overload, a 5 course chocolate degustation in place of our usual dinner. We switched up the rules (technically there are no rules), but we were having our sweets first and ending off with savouries later – a very late home cooked dinner. That is if we still had room for it!

Before the degustation kicked off, we were all treated to a platter of goodies that went around the room. Being the doofus that I am, I misinterpreted what one of the staff members said when he came around to our table. “Take a pick“, he said. “Oh sure!” I piped, whilst I pulled out my camera and took a few ‘pics‘ whilst he patiently held out the platter waiting for me to actually ‘pick’ a few goodies to have. Heheh, sorry and thank you! 😛

The ‘pic’…

san churro, winter menu preview
Chocolate and churros tapas; $24.95

A tasting plate of mini churros, chocolate truffles (Avellana el amor: milk chocolate and hazelnut – the red heart, Chocolate bomba: dark chocolate with a liquid dark chocolate centre), brownies, strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate coated pretzels and San Churro cubitos – little chocolate cubes or European truffles dusted in cocoa powder. The cubitos were the perfect size and delightful; rich, dense and not overly sweet – although the dusting of cocoa powder was quite heavy. The strawberries were a winner with us, something fresh and juicy to cleanse and brighten the palate before the next sugar hit.

FYI, we sampled a lot of miniature versions of the real deal during the degustation so don’t assume that your sundaes and ice chocolates will be served small! It’ll probably be anything but that!

Our first course for the evening:

san churro, winter menu preview, cinnamon breakfast churro
Cinnamon breakfast churro; $4.95

Did you know that churros is a breakfast food in Spanish tradition?!


Right?! Best news ever if you’re a kid! 😉

The cinnamon breakfast churro is a freshly made plaited churro dusted lightly with cinnamon and sugar, available for purchase before midday only. 😉

Second course: shakes!

san churro, winter menu preview, ice salted caramel shake
Ice salted caramel shake: milk and vanilla ice cream with salted caramel, topped with whipped cream; $6.50

san churro, winter menu preview, salted choc coconut
Salted choc coconut; $8.50

This shake is from their “real chocolate shake range”, a delectable combo of milk chocolate, coconut syrup, shredded coconut pieces, dark choc chips with a twist of salt to enhance the flavours more. The tiger and I agreed that this was bombtastic and highly reminiscent of a bounty, but in liquid form!

Third course: sundaes

san churro, winter menu preview
Salted caramel sundae and cookies and cream sundae; $11.95 each (psst, don’t forget that these are mini versions!)

The salted caramel sundae was a concoction of white chocolate ice cream, warm salted caramel fudge, milk chocolate and crushed chocolate malt balls and our favourite out of the two, the cookies and cream sundae with white chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate fudge, milk chocolate, crushed chocolate biscuits and chewy pieces of macaron meringue. I think those macaron meringue pieces totally won us over, sweet and chewy goodness.

Mind you, at this point, we were chocolated out and didn’t see the bottom of anymore plates, bowls, cups or mugs! A bite here and there to get a taste of each dessert before waving the white flag and waiting for the next course to arrive. I think what would have been nice to help break up the sugar onslaught between each course was to have some fresh fruit or fruity sorbets to freshen up and cleanse our palates. 🙂

Fourth course: dessert

san churro, winter menu preview, chocolate volcano
Chocolate volcano; $11.95

A devilishly rich chocolate fondant pudding, served warm with a gooey chocolate lava centre and vanilla ice cream. This is a chocoholics dream. Insanely rich, chocolately and decadent. If only my body could handle more sugar!

Fifth course: Couverture hot chocolate

san churro, winter menu preview, hot chocolate
El Grande Crushed; $6.95

The ultimate indulgence for those upcoming chilly nights! A gourmet hot chocolate made to a traditional Spanish recipe, it was intense, rich and thick and was served with a choice of toppings – marshmallows and chocolate, crushed malt balls or chocolate biscuit crumble. The tiger and I could only manage to share one for the evening and chose the chocolate biscuit crumble; so good and crumbly. A great textural addition to any decadent hot chocolate!

san churro, winter menu preview

Thank you to San Churros Gouger Street and Haystac for the experience and your hospitality. A very sweet and spoilt night was had by the both of us!


Chocolateria San Churro
43 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8211 8839

Opening hours
Sun-Thu 10am-11pm
Fri-Sat 10am-1am

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  1. Ann
    April 8, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    Don’t you get the good gigs D! Looking forward to one of those couverture hot chocs 🙂

    • dee
      April 9, 2014 at 9:58 AM

      Someone’s gotta do it! 😉

      The hot chocolates are quite rich so best to share! 🙂

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