Sydney bites: GPO Pizza by Wood, Chat Thai, Reuben Hills and Din Tai Fung

The final round up of our Sydney food adventure!

I managed to score us a cheap pair of tickets to see The Lion King musical in Sydney and thought it’d be something nice to see and look forward to whilst we were away on holiday. Before the show, we had quick pre theatre meal at GPO Pizza by Wood inside the General Post Office in Sydney on Martin Street. This place boasts to have the best woodfired pizzas in the Sydney CBD.

gpo pizza
View of GPO Pizza by Wood from the ground floor, Spagnola pizza (Large 30 cm); $19.90, view of GPO Pizza by wood counter

Unfortunately they didn’t offer half and half toppings so we settled for the Spagnola with tomato base, mozzarella, chorizo, spanish onion, basil and chilli. Pizzas are made to order so we were pleasantly surprised that our order came out so quickly! Having said that, we would have liked it to stay in the oven a tad bit longer as we found the base, although thin, was a bit chewy and needed a bit more time to crisp up. The toppings were aplenty although overpowering as it was quite salty as a combination. Not bad for a woodfired pizza but my heart and taste buds are still with Est – my favourite spot to get a woodfired pizza in Adelaide’s CBD.

the lion king
The Lion King Musical – fantastic centre seats!

the lion king
The Lion King at the Capitol Theatre

After the spectacular show, we had a late night supper at one of my favourite Thai places in Sydney, Chat Thai. Located at a convenient location too, on Campbell Street in Haymarket directly opposite the Capitol Theatre, the decision was already made.

chat thai
Chat Thai customer line up at the door, pad thai; $9.90, soup for one and pork and beans; $14.00

Yum yum yum yum yum! Fantastic Thai food with so much flavour and fragrance, prices are super affordable and the restaurant is always packed often with a line of customers going out the front door. The front counter had a team of staff focusing purely on their desserts which looked super delish; we didn’t order any cause there was only so much we could eat but that didn’t stop us from staring at what other diners were ordering and happily demolishing. It seemed as if all the tables around us were ordering these little morsels of deep fried dough sticks with a serving of pandan sauce… we’re so getting an order of those next time we’re in town! A little research has me identifying those things as par tuhng go: pillowy flash fried dough sticks with sangkaya; $6.90.

As for our supper, we ordered a serve of pad thai: stir fried thin rice noodles with chicken, dried shrimps, bean sprouts, garlic and chives in a tamarind and palm sugar sauce, soup for one of dtom liahd mhu: clear soup of pork assiette with garlic and lovage and mhu grob padt prik khing: stir fried crisp pork belly and wild ginger in red curry paste. I needed a soup to cleanse my insides that day, something homey and comforting with loads of crisp flavour – loved the hints of garlic and lovage in the bowl. The stir fried crisp pork belly with beans in red curry paste was bang bang pow. Incredibly flavoursome which smacked us in the face, a side of white rice would have been perfect to go with these but it was a light meal so we didn’t order any. So good and simple that we’ve already replicated this dish at home.

We trekked to Surry Hills on our last day in Sydney to lunch at Reuben Hills where we were met with a line. Approximately 45 minutes later and a brief encounter with Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three (quiet fangirl moment, haha), we were seated inside the modern warehouse-y coffee lovers space.

reuben hills
Line up at Reuben Hills on a Sunday for brunch/lunch, probably best to get there early folks

reuben hills
Really fucking great fried chicken with chilli in a basket; $18.00
Seffa porridge with jammed fruits, yoghurt, nuts and almond milk; $13.00
Macchiato and soy latte – a much needed caffeine hit

reuben hills
Seffa porridge, The NOT Reuben; $18.00, Really fucking great fried chicken

Our stash of food for the day with The Stranger having the fried chicken and the NOT Reuben for myself. The NOT Reuben sandwich was wedged between toasted rye with wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, manchego and horseradish cream. It might not look it, but it was huge and I could only muster through one half of the sandwich – maybe that pit stop at Hero Sushi along the way wasn’t such a good idea, haha. It had good flavours with tender wagyu brisket that was rather delish although there was a bit too much of everything that made the sandwich feel heavy and gluggy, plus the liquids in the ingredients started to make the whole lot rather soggy. The Stranger’s ‘really fucking great fried chicken’ wasn’t actually really that great. The chicken pieces were dry and tasteless with the accompanying sauces being the saviour by adding some much needed flavour and kick. Shame about our experience considering how much hype surrounded around this place, maybe we ordered the wrong thing or maybe we came on a bad day. Either way, we probably had super high expectations and more often that not, that’s always a bad thing.

Our very last meal for our entire trip, a cheapy yet delicious one at Din Tai Fung in comparison to the night before. Simple and homely; just what we needed for our bellies and wallets.

din tai fung
Steamed pork dumplings – xiao long bao; $5.80
Steamed crab dumplings; $8.80
Fried rice with egg topped with green beans and minced pork; $16.80

Food travel adventure complete, time to start saving for the next one! 😉

GPO Pizza by Wood
Lower Ground Floor
1 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 9229 7722

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm
Fri 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm
Sat 6pm-10pm
Sun Closed

GPO Pizza by Wood on Urbanspoon

Chat Thai – Thaitown
20 Campbell Street
Haymarket NSW 2000
P 02 9211 1808

Opening hours
7 days 10am-2am

Chat Thai Haymarket on Urbanspoon

Reuben Hills
61 Albion Street
Surry Hills Sydney 2010
P 02 9211 5556

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 7am-4pm
Sun 7.30am-4pm

Reuben Hills on Urbanspoon

Din Tai Fung
The Star
Level G, Shop 6, Cafe Court
80 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009
P 02 9692 0791

Opening hours
Sun-Wed 11am-9.30pm
Thu 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

Din Tai Fung on Urbanspoon


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