Sushi Bar Genki, Adelaide

I’m not sure what took us so long to get here but I’m glad we finally did. Sushi Bar Genki (same peeps as Genki Roll in David Jones) is on Gouger Street, on the ‘other’ side of Morphett Street close to Matsuri. I’m telling you, it’s the must go-to ‘sushi train’ in Adelaide, and we think it’s better than our trusty favourite of Sushi Train!

sushi bar genki
Front signage, touch screen menus, self serve pickled ginger and soy sauce at the ready.

They’ve implemented ipad/touch screen menus on each table for our disposal as we tap tap tap away at the menu and order our favourite dishes and beverages at our finger tips. There are sooooo many aburi salmon and scallop topping options (my favourite) that I wanted to try all of the ones available. That would have been a meal in itself if I ordered from the aburi category alone. Mmmmm~

Their menu is huge with a heap of variety ranging from sushis, sashimis, nigiris, hand rolls, tapas, noodles, salads and desserts. There are even options of brown rice and black rice sushis for the health conscious.

sushi bar genki
Favourite sushi so far: aburi scallop wrapped in salmon and topped with roe. Get in my belly~!

The trio of us were frantically tapping the touch screen so many times that the ‘dings’ coming out from the speakers to alert the waiters of our orders was only coming from our booth. HEH! The service was fast, staff were friendly and attentive with filling up our hot green teas on the ready.

sushi bar genki
Just a fraction of the goodies we ordered! Salmon and mango roll; salmon and seaweed roll; salmon and crab stick roll; vegetable tempura; aburi scallop and salmon roll; aburi eel, unatama, dragon roll and green tea mousse


Fresh ingredients, flavourful toppings, delicious combinations, colourful and vibrant presented dishes. Everything was great. We’re all hanging out for another sushi hankering before we make our way back to Sushi Bar Genki, cause let’s face it, we will be back!!

For your reference, prices per plate as per colour…
$2.50 white
$3.00 silver
$3.50 yellow
$4.00 green
$4.50 blue
$5.00 orange
$6.00 purple


Sushi Bar Genki
163 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8211 9848

Opening hours
Sun-Thu 12pm-9.30pm
Fri-Sat 12pm-10pm

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