East End Providore, Ebenezer Place, Adelaide

east end providore
Shop front window

East End Providore sits on a corner of Ebenezer Place in the east end of the city alongside a motley crew of cool neighbours: Hey Jupiter, Sad:Cafe, Burger Theory, Nano Ready 2 Go and Belgian Bier Cafe. They’re in good company!

east end providore
Selfie 😛

My friends are pretty adventurous and easy going and usually leave it up to me to decide on where to eat – woohoo! We gave EEP a shot seeing that I’ve walked by it so many times before but never had the appetite to poke my head in to order anything. Good thing is that they haven’t ventured here before either.

east end providore
The days special on the blackboard at the front of the providore

The place was small yet felt quite open with plenty of seating options inside and outside the providore. There was a large communal table centred inside along with a bar bench by the front window and a few scattered chairs and tables alongside the side window inside and outside the front.

east end providore
The specials board sitting on EEP stamped crates

We were greeted warmly on our arrival with menus being presented shortly there after. FYI, orders are taken inside. 🙂 They also sell food products (pastas, sauces), fresh fruits and veggies, cakes and baked goodies too – perfect for any last minute things you need to get for your dinner that evening and it saves you from hitting the supermarket.

east end providore
Super green juice: kale, cucumber, green apple and lemon; $8.00

Green juice ain’t cheap! Fresh, vibrant and zingy, I felt like my insides were getting a good cleanse after that!

east end providore
EEP club sandwich: meatloaf, mustard zucchini pickle, tomatoes, compte cheese, chilli mayonnaise; $16.00

I get the a-okay from F after he smashed his club sandwich down.

east end providore
Sleepy tuna: tuna, avocado, tomatoes, melted Swiss gruyere and rocket; $14.00

east end providore
Goodie two shoes: poached chicken, avocado, baby spinach and tomatoes; $14.00

Cbear and I went halvies on the sleepy tuna and goodie two shoes! My fav out of the two was the goodie two shoes; yummy and simple with bursts of sweetness from the tomatoes and the poached chicken with dill dotted through it was well flavoured too. The tuna was a close favourite, topped with fresh peppery rocket leaves, slices of avocado and a good drizzle of olive oil with some black cracked pepper.

east end providore
Food from above

Warm and friendly service, great little spot in the city and a overall nice chill vibe. Food’s a little on the slow side but if you’ve got time to kill, that shouldn’t matter too much!


East End Providore
24 Ebenezer Place
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 7123 1425

Opening hours
Mon-Fr: 8pm-6pm
Sat: 9am-4pm
Sun Closed

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