Georges on Waymouth, Adelaide

Georges on Waymouth has been operating since November 2002 serving Mediterranean food taking advantage of SA’s fresh seasonal produce. The established restaurant is in the heart of the CBD, the dining room is stylish and open with high ceilings and wooden floor boards. It might not look it from the outside but they have plenty of seating options downstairs and upstairs.

The restaurant was extremely busy on our visit and service was incredibly attentive and informative. We had a game plan when it came to ordering our food, but once the specials were read out, that game plan quickly changed.

They sounded so good! We stuck with the confit salmon but opted for the specials of pan seared scallops (entree) and the market fish of snapper (main).

georges on waymouth
Confit salmon, roasted cauliflower purée, candied pear and radicchio; $22.90

The confit salmon had good simple flavours with a small salad on top of the rectangular slice, unfortunately the knife didn’t cut through the fish as effortlessly as I was hoping it would.

georges on waymouth
Specials of pan seared scallops, sweet corn puree, smoked ocean trout roe and bacon cream

What a pretty looking dish… and look at the size of them scallops and that perfect sear! The scallops were sweet and super juicy although I thought the smoked ocean trout roe was too overpowering and overtook the dish as a whole with the other components getting lost.

georges on waymouth
Tortellini of blue swimmer crab, lobster bisque, tomato and samphire; $35.50

I ordered the tortellini purely cause I was hoping it’d be similar to the lobster medallion with blue swimmer crab and prawn ravioli and lobster bisque at d’Arrys Verandah. It was not to be, but it was still tasty with really punchy and intense flavours solely from the broth. The pasta was super fresh as they were hand made on the premises (made fresh daily) and the tomato provided a nice sweet addition to the dish. The samphire was interesting, it’s a native succulent aka sea asparagus, swamp grass, pickleweed and sea beans; crunchy in texture and a bit tough and chewy.

georges on waymouth
Mains from above
Pan fried snapper, asparagus and roasted tomatoes ($41.00) & tortilla of blue swimmer crab

C’s initial order of the signature dish of lamb press, pancetta, mustard fruits, parsnip and apple candy quickly got changed once the market fish of the day was read out. Fresh pan fried snapper with asparagus and roasted tomatoes. Simple and delicious.

We turned down desserts for the evening, another bite of anything and we would have had to be rolled out the door. It’s always nice to see and catch up with C; city slicker turned part time country bumpkin. Until next time!


Georges on Waymouth
20 Waymouth Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8211 6960

Opening hours
Mon 7.30am-5pm
Tue-Fri 7.30am-Late
Sat 6pm-Late
Sun Closed

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