Koko Black in Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide

A new chocolate store has graced our city Adelaidians, and it’s smack bang in the centre of Rundle Mall too (entrance of Adelaide Arcade)! Koko Black is super popular in Melbourne with 7 stores in total… or what they refer to them as ‘salons’, 1 to be opened in Brisbane, 1 in Canberra, 2 in Perth (1 to be opened this year) and even 1 in New Zealand! Did you notice that I didn’t mention Sydney?! We’re getting something in Adelaide before the Sydney siders… now that’s… not normal. Hehe 😉

koko black, adelaide arcade, rundle mall

The chocolate salon immediately oozed sophistication, class and elegance once we stepped foot inside. Glass cabinets with chocolate truffles meticulously lined up in an orderly fashion with polished looking staff in white ironed shirts and gloves handling them delicate chocolates. Were we in Koko Black a chocolate store or were we in a Tiffany & Co. store? Ha! Aside from selling chocolate goodies in the front area of the shop, there’s also an in house cafe towards the back and upstairs offering chocolate desserts and beverages for those with a bit more time on their hands and need a sugar hit.

koko black, adelaide arcade, rundle mall
Full house, please queue here, easter eggs, view from the balcony up top

We were met with a ‘full house’ sign on our visit and whilst we waited in line, one of the staff members came along with the menu for us to peruse through, let us sample some chocolate truffles as well as keeping us informed that the wait won’t be that much longer (approx 5-10mins). A table freed up and we were led upstairs over looking the balcony.

koko black, adelaide arcade, rundle mall
View from above

The menu was divided up into a few categories, chocolate truffles at $2.10 each, a petite range for a small chocolate hit ranged from $4.00-$8.00, for the young at heart for the little ones ranged between $2.50-$7.50, full blown desserts $10.50-$24.00, ice creams at $9.50 and a variety of beverages from chocolate concoctions, coffees, teas, sparkling mineral water and juices.

To get a taste of it all, we opted for the Dessert Degustation at $24.00, a combination of 5 miniature versions of Koko Black’s popular desserts to be shared between 2 – really good value for money we thought as one dessert was already priced at $10.50.


koko black, adelaide arcade, rundle mall
Dessert degustation perfect for two; $24.00
Sorry for the blurry photo! 🙁

This was a chocolate challenge that we failed to finish. Haha, so much chocolate, so much sugar!

We spooned into the chocolate ice cream first so it wouldn’t melt into a puddle of chocolate. Chocolate ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and Koko Black’s crunchy chocolate soil. Chocolaholics won’t be disappointed with this dessert, chocolate done 3 ways in varying temperatures and textures. Since we started from the chocolate ice cream end, we worked through the desserts from there. Next was the Opera Gateau: roasted coffee infused dark chocolate mousse, layered with hazelnut dacquoise and chewy caramel. Or we could call it ‘Richie Rich’ cause it was super duperly sweet and rich mainly derived from the chewy caramel; the stranger pretty much hit his sugar/chocolate wall half way through the opera gateau! We weren’t even half way through the degustation platter yet! 😛

koko black, adelaide arcade, rundle mall
Dessert degustation: Belgian Mousse, Chocolate Alchemy Cake, Raspberry Chocolate Dome, Opera Gateau and chocolate ice cream

The table water came in handy as we were going through the desserts with multiple top ups requested… haha. One bite down followed by a chaser of water, that was the only way we were gonna make it through the entire plate, although we did tell ourselves, ‘we don’t have to finish the plate in its entirety‘. I think the Raspberry Chocolate Dome was strategically placed in the centre of the plate. Why you ask? The milk chocolate and raspberry puree mousse with Madagascan vanilla custard and a liquid raspberry centre was the perfect dessert with a burst of fruit and tartness to cut through the richness of the chocolate. Much needed!

Almost there!

Koko Blacks’ signature Chocolate Alchemy Cake layered with Madagascan chocolate creme and crunchy chocolate soil. It looked like a triple chocolate block with distinct layers decorated with a touch of edible gold leaf. We thought we were going to have trouble breaking up the chocolate blocks thinking they were solid chocolates but they weren’t, and with a bit of effort, we broke through them cleanly as they were just a shell that resembled 3 squares of chocolate from a block.

Finally, the Belgian Chocolate Mousse, the easiest one to eat out of the 5 desserts. Smooth, velvety, light and cloudy chocolate mousse. One small spoon each and we both waved our white flags willingly! We both swore that we had enough chocolate intake for the next 2 months.. let’s just say that saying only lasted a week for me. Hahah…

The dessert degustation is suggested for 2, I’d say more like between 4 or 5 people but that all comes down to who can handle their chocolate intake!

For us, this degustation should be renamed as Death by Chocolate for us chocolate weaklings! Haha

Koko Black
Shop 50-52, Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8223 4890

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 9am-5.30pm
Fri 9am-9pm
Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 10.30-5pm

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