Cafe Froot, Semaphore

A quick, cheap and somewhat late (3pm ish) meal by the beach in Semaphore, and only one of the few places still serving lunch at that hour. Cafe Froot is in amongst all the cafes on Semaphore Road with its bright orange and colourful signage, you can’t miss it if you’re walking/driving along. 😉

cafe froot

The cafe is small but surprisingly there’s plenty of seating inside and outside the footpath. Breakfast is served all day and there’s also a lunch and dinner menu too.

We were in for a quick feed before we headed down to the beach for a stroll and an impromptu game of mini golf at the Semaphore Water Slide & Mini Golf Complex ($5 per person). The stranger bet me by a mile if anyone was wondering… hehe.

cafe froot
Open steak sandwich: tender sirloin steak on toasted wood oven bread with roast capsicum, mushrooms, fried egg, onion jam and fries; $14.90

cafe froot
Bitchin’ brekky: bacon, poached eggs, tomato and wood oven multigrain toast with extra mushrooms; $10.90 + $2.50

Pretty standard stuff really. Nothing that’ll get us running back but a good cheap feed that fueled our hungry bodies. 🙂


Cafe Froot
36B Semaphore Road
Semaphore SA 5019
P 08 8242 7919

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