Entropy, Thebarton

Was this place hard to find or what?!

A couple of girlfriends and I ventured to Entropy for a lazy catch up lunch but all struggled to find its whereabouts. The cafe is situated on the banks of the river Torrens, but after driving into Thebarton side streets and being ‘within the area’, we pulled to the side of the road and got out our smart phones to load up googlemaps to distinctly point out where we were at, and where Entropy was. Then (!) we spotted the sign on the side of the road which was covered by a stobie pole from our direction! Go figure. We parked in the adjacent carpark and wandered on foot to Entropy.

From a distance, there was a sign ‘Entropy’ just below a mini roof/verandah which sat on a long ramp. A bit of a tricky place to find especially with limited signage and literally no cars or people to indicate there was a cafe nearby. Keep your eyes peeled folks! 😉


Entropy is a cafe by day offering breakfast, brunch and lunch options with sweet treats as well in their dessert cabinet. By Friday night, the venue transforms itself into a Char/Bar where there’s a gourmet outdoor BBQ and alcohol is served – what a perfect way to end your working week. The cafe is in the Adelaide University Research Park in Thebarton and is housed under a large and spacious warehouse which was once an Old Train shed.


Harris smoked salmon with poached asparagus, Limestone Coast fetta and dill on dark rye; $15.00

The girls both got the smoked salmon from the specials board. The bread looks like it’s in the shape of Australia yeah? 😛 The general consensus was that it was tasty and fresh, but something was a miss. They both thought that it needed a sauce or something to combine the elements together, possibly a poached egg and/or some sort of aioli. Cue Manu Fiedel… ‘Where is ze sauce? I want my sauce…‘. Also, half way through their meals, they realised that the dill was also missing as per the description but instead replaced with peppery rocket.

Fresh fettuccini with sauteed field mushrooms, pan fried tomato, pecorino, “Lekko & Zo” pistachio pesto and rocket garnish; $14.50

I opted for something a bit more sufficient, the pasta. It looked good however some parts of the pasta was stuck together and still a bit too firm. Again, like the smoked salmon dish, there was no sauce with the pasta but instead a drizzle of olive oil. The pistachio pesto didn’t give the dish enough flavour but it did add a nice crunch. The quartered mushrooms throughout the pasta were a saviour as they were plump, earthy and juicy, and the cherry tomatoes added a welcomed burst of freshness.

Overall, we thought that food was on the bland end of the spectrum, maybe we need to check Entropy out on a Friday evening instead. Service was very attentive with staff coming by every now and then to see how things/food/drinks were throughout our time, so extra points for that.


37 Little Queen Street
Thebarton SA 5031
P 08 8443 5083

Opening hours
Mon-Tue Closed
Wed-Thu 8am-4pm
Fri 8-10pm
Sat-Sun 9am-4pm

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2 comments for “Entropy, Thebarton

  1. Ann
    June 27, 2014 at 9:10 PM

    I haven’t heard of it, but I am definitely willing to give it a try. Hopefully the coffee is good!

  2. Tahlia
    January 24, 2015 at 9:20 PM

    Terrible service
    Unfriendly staff
    Meals served sporadically for a table of 16 ie 2 or 3 meals every 10 minutes
    Never again

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