Marrakech Restaurant, Hyde Park

Dinner date with these folks a few weeks back with the majority of us feasting on Moroccan food for the very first time at Marrakech in Hyde Park. We were the first ones there and got seated inside the cozy space, the restaurant itself wasn’t very big but can comfortably cater for a large group of people indoors and outdoors (equipped with outdoor heaters for the chilly nights).


Mezza platter; $35.00

We started our night with the mezza platter to share, the chef’s selection of 3 entrees and 3 dips. Our platter arrived with stacks of pita bread triangles, a mergaz: spicy grilled sausage, djaj katban skewered chicken fillet: chargrilled chicken fillet marinated in spicy Sharmoula and a boulfaf skewered beef fillet and a salad of cucumber and tomatoes. As for what dips we were served? I wish I paid more attention to what our waiter was saying cause I can’t remember but they all tasted pretty good. My favourite from the platter was the beef fillet, cooked medium rare with a nice char and well seasoned.

We all really enjoyed the mezza platter but the wait time between our entree and mains was extremely slow. Approximately 45-50minutes later, our mains of 2 tagines had finally arrived.

Djaj berber tagine: chicken cooked with Ras El Hanout and vegetables; $30.50

The chicken tagine was a comforting winter warmer dish. Tender pieces of chicken in a light broth with large chunks of potatoes, carrots, zucchini and slices of red onion for some bite.

Afrah tagine: lamb cooked until tender with cinnamon, honey, prunes, roasted almonds and finished with sesame seeds; $31.90

The lamb tagine played on savoury and sweet flavours. I found the balance too sweet for my liking but the lamb pieces themselves were incredibly tender and the roasted almonds added a nice crunch to the overall dish.

Couscous; $7.00

We ordered couscous to pair with our tagines. I was actually quite disappointed when the couscous arrived, they were so plain and… bland. I was expecting them to have some colour or spice; and some sultanas scattered through would’ve been lovely too.

Overall, the food was okay; the service was excruciatingly slow where in one instance, only one of us got our water glasses refilled when the waiter got distracted and started serving another table and left the rest of us clutching onto our empty water glasses… but hey, at least the company surely made up for it.

We then headed down to O’Connell Street to suss out the new Japanese dessert bar/Vietnamese bread roll by day (a bit confusing, I know): Matcha House, only to be left waiting for a whole hour with little to no service and no food or drinks in sight. We had to flag down the waiters to clear our tables, get the menus and take our orders and after putting an order through for 1 dessert and 2 pots of tea, we were left waiting and people watching. After seeing other groups of people getting their orders served when they arrived after us didn’t leave us very impressed so once the clock ticked over 60 minutes, we all got up and left. Not happy Jan. :/

We didn’t let that dampen our spirits though, we didn’t get our desserts or tea but that just gives us an excuse to bank on those things next time. 🙂


Marrakech Restaurant
66 King William Road
Hyde Park SA 5034
P 08 8299 9901

Opening hours
Mon Closed
Tue-Sun 6pm-late

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4 comments for “Marrakech Restaurant, Hyde Park

  1. Danielle
    July 4, 2014 at 10:30 AM

    I actually hate the prices of Marrakech for what you get in terms of service and amount of food. $7.00 for bland cous cous, the meats they use are the cheapest cuts because they stew better for long periods. I understand the Hyde park price tag but I just felt underwhelmed and dissapointed with the Marrakech. Any other good morrocan places you have heard about?

    • dee
      July 4, 2014 at 11:53 AM

      Agreed in terms of pricing and service, I thought it was quite an expensive meal overall especially when none of us ordered any drinks either. There’s this place: – I’ve never been but the reviews on Urbanspoon sound positive! 🙂

      • Lucy
        March 10, 2015 at 12:17 PM

        Le Riad is amazing! I spent a few months in Morocco and this restaurant is the closest I’ve had to authentic Moroccan food since returning home. It’s also reasonably priced & has cute-kitsch interiors. Well worth a visit.

        • dee
          March 10, 2015 at 5:59 PM

          Oh fantastic! Thanks for the little review, I’ll definitely have to bump it up on my to eat list. Cheers!!

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