Indian Temptations, Blair Athol

Indian Temptations.

There’s a reason why there’s always a line up at the counter that will filter out towards the main entrance.

There’s a reason why there’s a line of taxi drivers parked outside this establishment at early hours of the morning after their long shifts to get some grub.

It’s cause it, in my opinion, is the best place to get Indian food in Adelaide. Not only is it super affordable but they’re open late too so it’s the perfect go to option for take out food on a lazy night.

I have been to this old favourite countless times, but it was the first for my eating buddies. We couldn’t wait to share this little gem with them and have a warming feast to battle the cold that we’re experiencing as of late.

indian temptations
Mango lassi; $4.00 small

There is limited seating available on the premises with many customers usually opting for take away (that’s what I usually opt for as well). We claimed a small table inside and eventually moved to a larger table as the night wore on after other customers had left and tables were cleared.

indian temptations
Samosa chat; $9.00

Not exactly picture perfect, but oh so delicious! Chat or chaat is a popular Indian savoury snack, this one was broken into bite size pieces and then served with marble coloured mint chutney and tamarind chutney, chick peas, yoghurt and diced onions. So many spices and flavours with each mouthful; tangy and sweet notes from the chutneys and yoghurt paired with crunchy onion pieces and firm soft chick peas. We didn’t go back for seconds… but instead went back for thirds and fourths. YUM!

indian temptations
Tandoori chicken; $9.90

A plate of tandoori chicken followed immediately after. The drumsticks roasted in the tandoor were vibrant and harboured a tangy spice, the meat was incredibly tender and flavourful requiring little effort to pull from the bone. Accompaniments of raw onion, cucumber and tomatoes were served to brighten and freshen the palate.

indian temptations
Butter chicken (mild); $11.90

One can’t have Indian food and not order butter chicken. Marinated chicken cooked in tandoori spices, tomatoes and a dash of cream. Hits the spot every single time.

indian temptations
Beef vindaloo (hot); $11.90

A hot and tangy beef curry dish. Pretty spicy but not unbearable… the perfect pick me up to warm ones belly.

indian temptations
Chicken biryani; $12.00

Long grained Basmati rice with exotic indian spices cooked with chunky chicken pieces. Unfortunately this came out a lot gluggier and darker than usual, the rice grains were clumped together instead of being delicate and ‘light’. Still, the flavours were there and many of us didn’t seem to mind.

indian temptations
Raita; $3.00

I rarely have Indian curry without a side of raita (yoghurt dip) to tame down the flavours and lighten the meal. It was cooling, refreshing and cleansed the palate nicely. $3.00 for this massive serving – bargain!

indian temptations
Mango chutney; $2.00

Sweet and sticky mango chutney. A small serving but enough to share between the four of us; we didn’t go back to it as much as the raita.

indian temptations
Garlic naan and roti; $2.50 and$2.50

Another must have to mop up all those curries and sauces; garlic naan and roti (wholemeal bread) straight out of the oven.

The bill totaled to around $68.00… that’s less than $20.00 per person for a massive Indian feast! Cheap and delicious, and you can eat in the comfort of your own home too.

If you haven’t been here yet, get moving! 😉


Indian Temptations
U3/490 Main North Road
Blair Athol SA 5084
P 08 8260 5757

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