Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, Brooklyn Park

It’s about time I made my way to the new Salsa’s in Adelaide, complete with SA’s first Mexican drive-thru. I’ve mentioned them on here previously with their mexicrinkle chips being a favourite of mine. No guesses as to what we’ll be ordering along with our meals on this occasion. I received a gift card courtesy of Salsa’s and Thrive PR many months ago and finally made time to get there along with a few buddies before we caught a late night movie nearby (22 Jump Street – unexpectedly a very funny movie but don’t go for the story line.. haha).

salsa's fresh mex grill
Front shop

salsa's fresh mex grill
Ordering counter

Their menu is broken up into categories of burritos, bowls, tacos, snacks, nachos and a kids menu with a number of topping combinations. Our feast for the evening:

salsa's fresh mex grill
Mexicrinkle chips, California salad bowl, California salad burrito and corn chips and guacamole, Mexican soda and water

The bowl of California salad was full to the brim with chopped up lettuce topped with onion and capsicum, grilled chicken, chilli and lime sauce, pineapple and mango salsa and the pièce de résistance of guacamole served with house made corn chips. Delish! A light and tasty salad with loads of texture, flavour and colour; I can easily see myself with one of these bowls during a quick lunch break. I really enjoyed the sweet and vibrant pineapple and mango salsa that was balanced with the chilli and lime sauce combined with tender grilled chicken pieces and punch and crunch from the raw onion and capsicum pieces. The California salad burrito got the thumbs up as the owner of the burrito mentioned that that is his favourite topping from their entire menu. We also got a bowl of corn chips and guamole to share, however most of the corn chips were consumed on their own as Tiger demolished the tub of guacamole on her own! Haha, that was some good guacamole!! A cheap and satisfying meal without anything being too heavy or rich.

A majority of the meal was paid using the gift card and the remainder was paid by us.

Find a Salsa’s near you! Psst… get the mexicrinkles! :)~


Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill
Corner of Marion Road and Henley Beach Road
Brooklyn Park SA 5032
P 08 8351 8230

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