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latelier gourmand bistro

A catch up lunch with some friends at a cute little French bistro in Wayville that has been on my list for a long while, so glad to have it ticked off the list whilst another 5 new places get added onto it! Sigh… will my list ever dwindle down at the rate of these funky new bars popping up all over the Adelaide CBD? Yes, I’m talking about Bank Street Social, La Moka, Maybe Mae, Mother Vine and whatever else that wants to pop up over the next few weeks. Anyways, we ordered something warm as a ‘pick me up’ to battle the chill outside.

A dark hot chocolate for me and a chai latte for them.

latelier gourmand bistro, dark hot chocolate
Dark hot chocolate served with Chantilly cream; $4.50

This was one damn good hot dark chocolate, so smooth and chocolately but not overbearingly sweet. I must and will come back, even if for the hot chocolate alone! The chai lattes were also well liked by my companions who I would classify as chai latte connoisseurs seeing as it is usually the only ‘coffee/tea’ beverage they order when going out.

Hungry bellies called for hungry eyes and we greedily ordered two nibble plates from the board menu to share as well as a main each.

latelier gourmand bistro, tapenade
Tapenade; $4.50

Tapenade is a traditional French dip of olives, capers, garlic and anchovy which was served with house made croutons with a drizzle of olive oil over them. C and I dug into the large quenelle of tapenade and slathered a thick layer on to our croutons but T halted us in our steps as the dip packed a punch of salt and suggested that we should scrape some back (well it was a dip of olives, capers, garlic and anchovy after all!). The brain doesn’t function so well when it’s in hungry mode and a lot of logic and sense flies out the window, heh! The ratio between the dip and croutons was the main reason why we slathered a thick layer of the tapenade onto our croutons, why such a big quenelle if only a few pieces of bread… else give us more bread to finish the tapenade or a smaller amount of tapenade? Yes yes? Oui oui?

latelier gourmand bistro, smoked salmon tartine
Smoked salmon tartine; $8.00

Yummmyyyyyy! Toasted ciabatta topped with smoked salmon and goats cheese curd; so simple but executed perfectly. The goats cheese was subtle and light and really enjoyable, it didn’t leave a lingering after taste at all and the chopped parsley gave it pop of freshness. Dear goats cheese… my palate is slowly becoming accustomed to you.

latelier gourmand bistro
Bacon and egg ‘french style’;$ 14.50

T’s breakfast of bacon, kransky sausage, spinach, sundried tomatoes and two poached eggs served with toast. Such a pretty and well presented dish – as are all their dishes; however they were all dressed and presented the same way with the same bits of herbs, sauces and colours… which made all the dishes feel like they were the same and not different (if you know what I mean?).

The vegetarian delight won me over on their menu, a concoction of roasted pumpkin with cardamom, SA mushrooms, spinach, pine nuts and a poached egg, served with toast. Sounds yum yeah?

latelier gourmand bistro

latelier gourmand bistro
Vegetarian delight; $17.00

Hold up! Something was missing…


Where was my pumpkin? The main reason I ordered the veggie delight was for the pumpkin and it wasn’t there.

I asked the waiter and she goes to the kitchen to check for me. Oops! They forgot! (*facepalm* moment right there)

Apologies from the kitchen and the veggie delight was on the house. (I would’ve preferred to pay for my meal with the pumpkin but oh well).

Sooooo… that didn’t leave me much to say about the dish as one of the main ingredient was missing.

The other dish that I was contemplating between was the creamy mushroom ragu that C ended up ordering.

latelier gourmand bistro
Creamy mushroom ragu with house made pesto served on spiced pastry, with crispy bacon and a poached egg topped with Australian grated parmesan; $18.00

Not bad… but it just didn’t compare to Bar 9’s version.

With compliments of the chef, we were also given a pear tart to make up for the missing pumpkin from my main.

latelier gourmand bistro
Pear tart

So pretty and dainty! The tart was delightful. The pear pieces were cooked but still held a slight ‘bite’, the cream was smooth and not too sweet and the pastry tart had a nice delicate crunch that didn’t completely crumble as we broke into it. The flower, although very pretty was unedible – which took me back to one Master Chef episode years ago where Gary and/or George said, ‘Don’t put anything on the plate if you can’t eat it’. So what says you? Agree? Disagree?

Oh yes, before I forget! The address for L’Atelier Gourmand is incorrect on the Urbanspoon and Facebook page, it is not on ‘4 Gilbert Street, Wayville’ as that will take you into the inner streets of the suburb, instead it’s just off Goodwood Road opposite the Capri Theatre.


L’Atelier Gourmand Bistro
135 Goodwood Road
Goodwood SA 5034
P 08 8272 6967

Opening hours
Mon Closed
Tue-Wed 9.30am-3pm
Thu-Fri 9.30am-3pm, 6pm-9pm
Sat 9am-3pm, 6pm-9pm
Sun 9am-3pm

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2 comments for “L’Atelier Gourmand Bistro, Wayville

  1. Ann
    August 15, 2014 at 8:57 PM

    I think I’d like to give the vegetarian delight (hate the name) a go, plus pumpkin of course. Agree with you on the garnish. I’ve had a giant sprig of rosemary used as a garnish and even though it isn’t meant to be eaten, at least it is edible!

    • dee
      August 19, 2014 at 9:45 AM

      Ditto about the name! I’d like to give it a go again on my next visit… along with a hot chocolate! So good! 🙂

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