Asia travel diary: Singapore [part 2]

Day 2 saw us being little kids again (reluctantly on my part as I am… for lack of better words, a chicken shit when it comes to carnival show rides) at the Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa Island.

But of course, as always, before we reached our destination, we needed some food fuel first!

We fueled oursevles at the food court in Vivocity which was also right next door to the Singapore Cable Car which was our means of transport to Sentosa Island for the day.

The stranger opted for chicken rice again after the yumminess we had the day prior.

Chicken rice; $4.50SGD/$3.91AUD*

The chicken was grilled with a crispy glazed skin and the meal came with a bowl of soup, condiments and a few slices of cucumber and tomato. Pretty satisfying and although not the same as Tian Tian’s chicken rice, this one was just as tasty in its own way.

I tried my tastebuds at Mos Burger instead after spying a queue at the counter (oh them queues!).

singapore, mos burger

Mos burger is a fast food chain that originated in Japan with many overseas outlets Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea and Hawaii. I stuck with something simple from their menu and got their teriyaki chicken burger. Functional fast food packaging which allowed me to unwrap the burger whilst still being able to hold the burger within its wrapper and keeping my hands clean!

singapore, mos burger
Teriyaki chicken burger; $3.55SGD/$3.09AUD*

Not bad of a burger which hit the spot nicely. Sandwiched between the two sweet buns was a large piece of teriyaki chicken which was surprisingly quite flavourful and not dry, lettuce leaves and a heavy squirt of mayo – a bit too much for my liking.

Bellies satisfied, we were on our way to Sentosa Island. Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore with many tourist attractions including a long sheltered beach, Fort Siloso, golf courses, five-star hotels, and the Resorts World Sentosa featuring the theme park Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. Aquarium Marine Life Park.

We had 2 options once we got to the ticketing booth at Singapore Cable Car.

1: Buying a return ticket to check out the island.
2: Buying a return ticket to check out the island with a ticket to one of the theme parks at Resorts World Sentosa: Universal Studios or the Aquarium.

I was happy for the former as theme parks aren’t my cup of tea but the stranger insisted that we check out one park whilst we were there, so the Universal Studios got my vote as I’d rather much go and meet Shrek than stare at fishes in large aquariums. Tickets were $200SGD/$174AUD* for the both of us, return cable car ride and Universal Studios entry all inclusive. It’s expensive being a tourist!

singapore, sentosa island
Pic of one of the resorts on Sentosa Island from above on the cable car.

Why hello Universal Studios!


Universal Studios

And… we’re in!

Universal Plaza/Hollywood Boulevard



The entrance to the Revenge of the Mummy indoor dark roller coaster ride

So after joining many long long lines to get onto rides like the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, Shrek 4-D Adventure in Far Far Away Land, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Canopy Flyer in The Lost World and giving my fear of show rides a good shake up, I became bag captain for the remaining two ‘scary’ rides and left the stranger on his own to venture into the Revenge of the Mummy indoor dark rollercoaster ride and TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. Luckily for him, he could bypass a lot of people by going in the ‘single rider’ queue, heh!

Sci Fi city


Bumblebee from transformers

As soon as we were done with Universal Studios, we ventured out of the theme park and went to look for… you guessed it, some food! Haha..

Snack time at Toast Box!

Toast Box


singapore, toast boxsingapore

Thick toast with pork floss; $2.00SGD/$1.74AUD*

Pork floss is one of my favourite things! So good.

It’s like a dry flossy cotton candy but pork flavoured. Goes particularly well on buttered toast! Another tasty one that I’ve encountered is at UR Caffe where they serve it with chilli jam and mayo!

Traditional kaya toast; $1.80SGD/$1.57AUD*

singapore, toastbox
Look at that SLAB of butter

*scrapes it off*

singapore, sentosa merlion
Sentosa Merlion

One last look at the Merlion in Sentosa and we headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest and a cold shower after a stinker of a day!

singapore, ice cream sandwich
Mocha ice cream sandwich; $1.20SGD/$1.04AUD*

Whilst walking back to our hotel from the train station, we spied an ice cream cart in the distance! Ice cream sandwich round 2!



A few hours later, we were out on the prowl for dinner…

Lau Pa Sat

singapore, lau pa sat

Lau Pa Sat aka Telok Ayer Market is a food centre and located in Singapore’s central business district. It is housed in a historic building but on our visit, the building was undergoing renovations so the entire street was blocked off. The atmosphere was bustling and loud; plastic chairs and tables filtered out onto the street with lots of chatter, conversations and yelling from food stall owners, waitstaff, beer ladies and diners. The air was full of smoke and aromas from nearby satay grilling stations and hot woks getting a work out. There was such a buzz and excitement about it all.

singapore, lau pa sat

As soon as we entered the blocked off street, we were hounded by food stall owners presenting us their food menu and offering us a seat, hoping that we’d stay put and not venture further in and losing our business to another food stall. Success for the first guy that approached us as we were a bit overwhelmed about the whole experience so we stayed put… haha! Turned out, it was going to be a delicious and unforgetable feast, so no complaints from us.

singapore, lau pa sat
Lau Pa Sat crowd

Unfortunately, I forgot my wet tissues that evening but luckily a man was walking up and down the street selling said necessity for diners, although unsurprisingly, at a more expensive price. Just gotta roll with the punches!

To start, 10 satay sticks fresh off the grill!

singapore, lau pa sat
10 satays; $6.00SGD/$5.20AUD*

We ordered 5 chicken and 5 beef satays, all of which were incredibly fragrant and the meat was oh so tender. There wasn’t much meat on each stick but that wasn’t a problem as we smashed through them quicker! Haha… the accompanied peanut satay sauce wasn’t too thick or runny and had a good amount of crushed peanuts, and the cucumber chunks and raw onion pieces offered a refreshing and sharp bite.

singapore, lau pa sat
Our epic dinner feast

Nothing deep fried never goes unnoticed by the stranger. This dish was no different!

singapore, lau pa sat, sotong char kway
Sotong char kway

A plate of golden dough fritters stuffed with squid paste and a dollop of mayonnaise. DELISH! So light and crispy with a sweet, chewy, bouncy squid paste – a texture similar to fish cakes and fish balls – in the centre of each fritter. All sorts of yum!

singapore, lau pa sat, gong gong
Gong gong (conch)

I wanted to try something different other than the cockles we had the day before and ordered these as I had never seen them before; large sea snails – might as well try them while I could. Using toothpicks to maneuver the meat out of their shells, we dipped them into the sauce provided and tasted them. The meat was a lot tougher and chewier than the ones we had the day before and not as juicy. We would have been happier with the usual cockles but oh well, we got to try something different.

Kangkong belacan: Malaysian stir-fried water spinach with shrimp paste

A plate of greens to balance out our meal. Crisp and juicy water spinach pieces with pungent shrimp paste to give it a nice kick of flavour.

singapore, lau pa sat, grilled sambal stingray

singapore, lau pa sat, grilled sambal stingray
Grilled sambal stingray

The stingray was a recommendation from the stall worker.

And I’m so glad we took his advice!

We ordered a small one considering how much food we had already ordered. The fish was grilled with the flesh incredibly tender, soft and moist. There were a heap of bones but they were soft resembling like cartilage and they were all bunched together side by side lengthways, so it wasn’t a problem picking the meat out from the fish. The stingray was covered entirely with an oily sambal sauce that had so much punch and flavour that complemented the delicate fish so well. A squeeze of lime juice and it was perfectly balanced with the tang of the lime juice cutting through the heaviness of the spicy sauce.

The starters and appetisers ranged between $10.00-15.00SGD/$8.70-$13.00AUD* with our meal totalling $47SGD/$40.87AUD* (not including satays) and a jug of beer at 19.00SGD/$16.52AUD* (I think we got ripped off) to wash it all down!

One of our best meals to date! We could barely walk after that monster meal… haha we were 2 piggies that day! (Well… we were piggies every day in Asia but hey, that’s what you do when you’re on holidays!) 🙂


Satay grilling station

And to think we couldn’t fit anything or any more food in, we capped off the day with cocktails at the popular rooftop bar – Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel overlooking the Marina Bay waterfront and Marina Bay Sands Hotel – which was where we would be spending our last night in Singapore!

Mojito and old fashioned

Drinks weren’t cheap at all with our bill reaching approx. $93.00SGD/$80.87AUD* including tax for 3 cocktails… but I guess that’s what happens when you’re at a swanky swish bar with a stunning view.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Vivo City
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
P 65 6377 6860

Toast Box
Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138
P 65 6686 3764

Opening hours
7 days 24 hours

Lau Pa Sat
18 Raffles Quay
Singapore 048582
P 65 6220 2138

Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel
1 Fullerton Road
The Fullerton Bay Hotel (Rooftop)
Singapore 049178
P 65 6333 8388

*exchange rate at time of travel $1AUD=$1.15SGD

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