Long House Cafe, Adelaide

Surprise surprise… it didn’t take us long to start craving for some South East Asian delights back home post holiday. The stranger had already been to that ‘pink Malaysian place’ down on Hutt Street, so it was time I made my way there.

long house cafe

The place is pink. Very pink. You won’t miss it. Seriously!

long house cafe

Once we were seated inside, I could still feel the brisk cold from the outside; turned out that there was a sufficient gap underneath the front door so the wind from outside was still whistling in! Brrrrr… oh so cold! We had to order hot beverages to keep and stay warm so we opted for a teh c and kopi c each.

long house cafe
Teh c and kopi c; $4.50 each

I had the kopi c, a hot coffee with evaporated milk and sugar and the stranger had the teh c: tea with evaporated milk and sugar. The kopi c was strong. Too strong and sweet! The teh c was more fragrant and subtle with a strong tea base which we both agreed was the better beverage out of the two.

Onwards to the food, the stranger played it safe and got the CKT. I, on the other hand, wanted something more warming and homely and ordered their popular laksa – the Sarawak laksa.

long house cafe
Chicken char kway teow; $12.90

Satisfying wok goodness with a bunch of flat egg noodles and vermicelli and a sprinkle of fresh chives.

long house cafe
Sarawak laksa; $13.90

Hello hot laksa! Super hot, super warming, and a very fragrant and spicy broth with a decent amount of tofu pieces, fish balls and seafood. The bowl was massive and it didn’t look like I even made a dent through it once I was done. A very satisfying and warming meal but unfortunately, after hovering over the bowl of hot laksa and having the warmth permeate through my body, I was too hot and warm to enjoy my hot beverage! I kinda wished I ordered the cold version of the kopi c by that point. Heh!

A cheap and flavourful meal, ideal for a quick lunch option or a late night feed.


Long House Cafe
174a Hutt Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Opening hours
Mon-Sun 12pm-3pm, 5.30pm-10pm

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