Asia travel diary: Bangkok, Thailand [part 1]

singapore, changi airport
Singapore Changi airport, garden/flower displays, gaming hubs, koi fish pond

And just like that, we were off onto our next destination. Thank you Singapore! You were great and your food was mighty deliciousssss!

We arrived in Bangkok, where the weather was hot and icky and the air was heavily polluted. There were cars everywhere with freeways criss crossing and overlapping one another, another crazy intense concrete jungle! We were concerned coming into our Bangkok trip with the Martial Law being put in place and a curfew being in action across the country, but luckily and thankfully for us, by the time we arrived, the curfew was lifted and it was business as usual for the Thai people. We didn’t see or encounter any protests and/or violence in the capital during our stay, so that was a major relief!


Bangkok traffic

Having arrived late in the afternoon, our first instinct was to get some food after we checked in and get some much needed rest! If you’re curious, we stayed at Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18 ($200AUD for all 3 nights – so cheap!) from a recommendation from a friend, a nice clean and quiet hotel situated down an alley way just off a main busy road within walking distance to the monorail station, train station, Terminal 21 – one of their famous and popular shopping malls, and most importantly, a great massage spot and restaurant a little further down the street!

That was where we had our epic massive dinner Thai feast.

Lean on Tree


Spring rolls; $100THB/$3.33AUD*

Scallop salad; $250THB/$8.33AUD*

I think the ‘scallops’ won us over when we saw this on the menu. It was like a westernised kind of salad targeted for tourists but done not very well. The three measly scallops were lack lustre and overcooked beside a plonk of salad leaves, shredded carrot and some dressing. The one blunder dish of the day that we shouldn’t have ordered. Oh well.

At least the meal was redeemed immediately after.

Pad. Thai.

Pad thai; $100THB/$3.33AUD*

So deliciously good.

And the goodies didn’t stop.

Papaya salad; $100THB/$3.33AUD*

Fresh, crisp and pungent papaya salad with snappy bursts of freshness from the shredded papaya and carrots, all of which was drenched in a pungent, fishy spicy dressing.

Green curry with chicken; $160THB/$5.33AUD*

Fried rice; $100THB/$3.33AUD*

Whole crispy skin barramundi

And as always, there was room for dessert!

Creme caramel

Not the smoothest of creme caramels with too many bubbles but satisfying enough for that much needed ‘sugar hit’ to round off a meal.

Mango sticky rice

I went traditional and ordered their mango sticky rice, something that I never actually do order when eating out for Thai. But this was soooo incredibly good. The sticky rice was incredibly soft yet chewy with a dollop of coconut cream on top with the freshest of fresh mango pieces. I was in heaven.

Day one in Thailand, complete. We resorted back to our hotel for some much needed rest to prep ourselves for the next few days ahead!


Lean On Tree
Soi 18 Sukhumvit Road
Bangkok Thailand
P 66 (0)2 258 1327

*exchange rate at time of travel $1AUD=$30THB

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  1. Julie-Thuy
    October 26, 2014 at 6:38 PM

    I stayed there too and went to lean on tree and got a massage there too 🙂 Heaven! So miss Bangkok!

    • dee
      October 27, 2014 at 9:22 AM

      I miss the cheap massages!! Haha

  2. sbo
    November 7, 2014 at 2:16 PM

    This is a very good article. Thank you for a great information.
    Looks really yummy.
    I like to eat papaya salad, I like Thai Food.

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