Boulangerie 113, Goodwood


My first taste of a croissant from memory were the ones that can be purchased at the local supermarket in those pre packaged packs with the foil base – you know that one I’m talking about. 😉 As a result, I was never a fan of croissants as the ones that I had were usually heavy with thick and dense pastry, a far cry of what they’re really supposed to be; a light flaky pastry that shatters upon first bite. That all changed when I had a ‘proper’ one in Sydney at Lorraine’s Patisserie, a lightly toasted ham and cheese croissant that was all sorts of yum. Now the hunt was on to find a killer tasting croissant back home in Adelaide.

boulangerie 113, goodwood

Enter Boulangerie 113.

The French inspired artisan bakery is located on Goodwood Road within close vicinity to other cafes, grocers and small shops. The bakery specialises in traditional artisan loaves, breads, pastries, and of course, croissants!

After catching a ‘free moment’ in a friends calendar that matched up with mine, we both had a catch up date at Boulangerie 113. The bakery itself was small and simple with very limited seating. I believe take away would be the most popular option here but seats and tables cleared up pretty quickly when we were there. The staff, who are mainly French were friendly and accomodating… plus, them being French just added a Parisian flair and authenticity to the food.

boulangerie 113, goodwood
Salmon and egg lunch slider

My lunch date opted for a savoury and sweet option, a simple salmon and egg lunch slider and a sweet blueberry danish to finish off.

boulangerie 113, goodwood, sour cherry danish
Sour cherry danish

Look at the size of that danish in comparison to the slider. The French knows what’s up. Desserts are more important therefore serving sizes should trump the savoury stuff. Clearly. Haha. Delicious flaky pastry with a filling of sweet blueberries and light smooth custard.

We did arrive at the bakery a bit later in the day, so when we got there, there was only ONE croissant remaining in the display cabinet. I had to have it, whatever it was!

boulangerie 113, goodwood
Chocolate and pistachio croissant

Oh so pretty! And look at them layers!

The crescent shaped croissant had a top layer of green rolled through giving the look of striped colours of green and golden pastry. Delicious! The warm croissant was soft, fluffy, buttery with a sweet chocolate filling and hints of pistachio. Each bite shattered with crumbs of pastry falling everywhere but that’s the best thing about croissants! I can’t wait to go back and try their ham and cheese croissant.

Tip: go early and snag them croissants before they all run out!


Boulangarie 113
113 Goodwood Road
Adelaide SA 5034
P 08 8373 2482

Opening hours
Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Fri 8.30am-4pm
Sat 8am-3pm

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