Asia travel diary: Hong Kong [part 1]

hong kong
Hong Kong streets – psst, ladies! Get your beauty and skin care essentials at Bonjour, prices were the cheapest we found and the store was everywhere in HK. You’ll go nuts instore! >.<

Once we arrived into Hong Kong, got through customs, taxi-ed to our hotel at Royal Park Hotel, checked in and freshened up, we quickly made our way to Fa Yuen Street via Hong Kong MTR. Fa Yuen Street aka Sneaker Street was one of those ‘places’ that the stranger was most looking forward to during our trip – a sneaker/shoe collectors dream. We weaved in and out through shoe store after shoe store, and before we knew it, the sun had set! The stranger was on an adrenaline rush and could ignore his grumbling stomach; as for myself, I was in struggle town and had to pull one of those looks that kids give to their parents when they really really want something. It worked – I wanted needed food. Hahah so dinner first, and shoe shopping ‘to be continued’ after.

hong kong
Fa Yuen Street aka Sneaker Street

We went around the area shoe district multiple times hoping to find an eatery that looked appetising but struggled to make a decision. So many Chinese options but which one to choose!

hong kongRoast duck, chicken and roast pork

hong kong
Fried bread sticks

hong kong
Street markets

Then, as the stranger does best, we followed the locals into a nearby Chinese restaurant… or in our case, we followed a group of tourists(!) that we mistook as locals – their fluent and accented English gave it away. We got seated along a booth, requested for English menus and studied their picture menu before quickly pointing at a few dishes to order.


At that point, anything would’ve sufficed as I was a starving Marvin!

hong kong
Beer for him; $11HKD/$1.57AUD*

hong kong
Chinese BBQ pork and roast pork with crackling; $115HKD/$16.43AUD*

Oh that roast pork and crackling. BLISS. Succulent juicy meat with the crispiest thin crackling. Mmmmm~

hong kong
Deep fried battered pork cartilage pieces; $72HKD/$10.29AUD*

Not sure what the stranger ordered but I was positive that it was pork cartilage. Chewy and crunchy bite sized nibs of deep fried pork cartilage with simple seasoning of salt and pepper (and probably a crap load of MSG) and topped with deep fried onion and spring onions.

hong kong
Mapo tofu; $70HKD/$10AUD*

A hot bowl of soft tofu pieces in a spicy chilli sauce. I’ve never been a fan of mapo tofu but gave this one a go. Oh boy! The sauce packed a punch of heat that cleared our sinuses in a jiffy, thankfully the beer was nearby to temper down the heat!

hong kong
Chinese greens stir fried with anchovies; $70HKD/$10AUD*

Once our bellies were well satisfied, I was happy to set out onto the streets and resume our shopping.

hong kong
Egg waffles; $15/$2.14AUD*

A treat for being such a good sport… haha!

hong kong
Hong Kong streets at night

A short and jam packed first day in HK. We shopped the night away at Sneaker Street and the Ladies’ Market til our legs were on the verge of dropping off before heading back to our hotel for some much needed AC and a well deserved sleep!


*exchange rate at time of travel $1AUD=$7.00HKD

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