Asia travel diary: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [part 4]

Our Asia trip started off in KL, and that was where we were going to finish off our itinerary. We had come ‘full circle’ so to speak, and second time around, we decided to stay at a different hotel to get an experience of the surroundings… and be closer to the shopping malls! We booked our final nights at the Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur which was smack bang in the city centre and directly opposite the Pavillion shopping mall. Things were going to get dangerous for our wallets! The hotel was grand, large and comfortable and in a very convenient and central location – although it was quite noisy throughout all hours of the day with nearby construction work (FYI).

malaysia, kuala lumpur, grand millnenium
Pool view from hotel room, Pavillion entrance view from hotel room, gigantic chandelier, floral arrangements and water feature in hotel lobby

Note to self, and you readers. Don’t forget to keep fluids up whilst on holiday! After spending the entire morning in airports from HK-KL, and then catching the KLIA Ekspres train to KL Sentral station (the same thing we did when we arrived in KL at the beginning of the trip)… then having trouble getting from KL Sentral to our hotel cause all taxi drivers were on strike and therefore unavailable (phew!)… we had to leg it around the city with luggage in tow to the nearest monorail station to get to our destination. All the commuting pretty much took an entire day and as a result, I forgot to keep my fluids up and keep hydrated. By the time night fell, I was in the pits. No surprises really. I was massively dehydrated, tired, grumpy and feeling a little worse for wear. Oh did I also mention it was bloody hot and icky that day as well?! Gah!

I left it up to the stranger to find us dinner. Him, having visited KL before in the past, recalled an epic meal he had: street food in KL. Luckily, as we were staying closer to the hustle and bustle of the city, we were in close proximity (10 minute walk) from said place. We asked a few locals around and we finally found the spot! (Look for a KFC if coming from Pavilion shopping mall and then turn right and follow the noise and throngs of people.)

Jalan Alor

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Jalan Alor

Every night, from around 5pm til late, Jalan Alor transforms itself into a food haven with Malay/Chinese restaurants and hawker stores set up on both side of the street with hundreds of plastic chairs and tables lining the sidewalk. There were people everywhere! The atmosphere and smells were amazing. We walked down the street whilst minding the cars as they slowly drove through as the street wasn’t technically closed, and just ogled at what the locals and tourists were feasting on and what was on offer at each and every stall/restaurant. I was making a mental list of what I wanted to eat as we walked along, but had no idea how I was supposed to fit everything in… I guess I’d have to cross that bridge once I got to it! 😉

malaysia, kuala lumpur

We almost got towards the end of the street when the stranger took a sharp left turn and pulled me in to the Chinese restaurant – Cu Cha Restaurant.

“This one! K’s dad took us to eat here last time.”

That’s all I needed to know. I just needed to be fed and hydrated by that point!

malaysia, kuala lumpur
View from inside the restaurant; the ‘open’ kitchen is at the front of the restaurant in between the entrance of the restaurant and street

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Coconut juice

I chugged this down like nooooo tomorrow! Exactly what I needed along with a few bottles of bottled water!

I left the stranger in charge of our meal; thankfully the menu which was dominantly in Chinese had English translations and pictures which made things easier for us!

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Satay (10 sticks); $9MYR/$3.00AUD*

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Char kway teow; $14MYR/$4.67AUD*

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Spicy pippis; $18MYR/$6.00AUD*

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Stir fried gai lan with garlic; $13MYR/$4.33AUD*

One word.


Oh soooo good and satisfying. Our bill was a total of $72MYR… that’s $24AUD*!!

We left the restaurant and continued to explore the street before deciding that, yes, we could fit another serving of satay sticks in… along with a refreshing beverage… 😉

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Satay station

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Satay sticks round 2

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Tiger beer

Now that our appetites were truly satisfied and stuffed… we made a mental list of what other food we wanted to try along the street with the plan to revisit the night after! What a better way to finish off our final night in KL.

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Massive size prawns

This was high on my list! I wanted to try one freshly grilled gigantic prawn…

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Gigantic oysters

And some grilled oysters.. or maybe just one considering how big they were!

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Mangosteen! And only at $2 per kg…!!!

I couldn’t resist these. I ended up buying a 1kg of these tropical delights to take back to our hotel and have… all to myself! Haha. Psst, the trick to opening them without a knife is to cup them with both hands and squeeze and twist. The top half should pull apart quite easily. 😉

If you’re heading to KL, I highly recommend that you come here. So good, so cheap and the atmosphere was buzzing and alive. Stay tuned for our round 2 of Jalan Alor where we ate to the point of near explosion!


Jalan Alor
Jalan Alor
Bukit Bintang 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

*exchange rate at time of travel $1AUD=$3MYR

2 comments for “Asia travel diary: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [part 4]

  1. Shazneeda
    March 8, 2015 at 2:37 AM

    Hi there! I’m Shazneeda from Malaysia. Glad you had a great food experience in KL, Malaysia. But just to inform you that a plate of Char Kuey Tiaw standard price range anywhere in Malaysia should just be around MYR4-8.00…if it is more than 8.00 Ringgit is considered too expensive already and should be the price of one at a restaurant such as Madam Kwan’s. But for a street food stall selling an MYR14 per CKT, is way too expensive! 😉 If you are planning to visit Malaysia again, head up to Penang, Malaysia. You should experience the foods here. And for taxi, you can now download an application called MyTeksi. They will use the meter. ^_^

    • dee
      March 10, 2015 at 5:57 PM

      Ohhh… Haha they must’ve given us a different menu compared to the locals… Or their CKT must’ve been expensive in terms of street food! Good to know though, thank you! And thanks for the tip with the MyTeksi app. It’ll definitely come in handy in the future. 🙂

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