Asia travel diary: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [part 6]

Day 16.

We had reached the end of our crazy jam packed South East Asian holiday and looking back, all I can say is, ‘How did we manage to fit in all of that within a fortnight?!

Our last day in KL consisted of a cheap all you can eat hot pot session at Suki-Ya located in Tokyo Street – The Pavillion and one last Malaysian meal at the airport.


malaysia, kuala lumpur
The lunch line up to Suki-Ya

The low-down:

  • All you can eat Japanese hot-pot
  • Lunch session for adults from 11.30am-5pm for 2 hours is $29.80MYR/$9.93AUD* and $3.50MYR/$1.17AUD* for each additional 15 minute block – yes, less than $10AUD (!!) hence the line up
  • Dinner session for adults from 5pm-10pm for 2 hours is $39.80MYR/$13.27AUD* and $3.50MYR/$1.17AUD* for each additional 15 minute block
  • No food wastage left over else you’ll be charged
  • Expect a line up
  • Get in and eat eat eat!

We were in line for about 30-45 minutes and whilst we waited, the staff handed out a piece of paper where we were able to select what soup bases we wanted and thin sliced meats (lamb, beef, chicken) so by the time we got seated, everything was ready.

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Half and half soup pot

There are 4 soup bases to choose from: shabu-shabu (low calories and light on the palate), sukiyaki (sweetened soy-sauce broth), miso soup made from fermented soybeans and kimuchi, a spicy soup made with a kimchi base.

A healthy bar sits along one wall decked out with a large variety of fresh veggies, salads, fish balls, tofu balls, sushi and a heap of condiments so one could make their own sauce concoction.

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Healthy bar

malaysia, kuala lumpur

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Sushi platters, and look at the bowl of wasabi! I can feel my sinuses clearing already.

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Salads and veggies galore

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Salad bar goodies, cockles, fish balls, cabbage, udon noodles, spinach leaves, mushrooms, tofu balls… oh the choices!

What a delicious and seriously cheap lunch! We went through a few plates of meat and stocked up on the veggies. Suki-Ya also has an a la carte menu but why would you want to order from that when you have an all you can eat buffet available. 🙂

As for dessert, they had a DIY soft serve machine churning out taro and vanilla flavoured soft serve with a topping station of chocolate sauce and nuts.

I used to be a sucker for all you can eat buffets, but by the time I get to the second plate, I’m always near full capacity! Haha, good thing this meal was a cheap one so I didn’t feel bad at stopping after the second plate… or was it the third? 😛

Our final meal at the airport and one last taste of delicious fragrant satay sticks and a warm comforting soup.

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Satay sticks

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Soup noodles

So long KL, it was a fun ride!


Suki-Ya at Tokyo Street
Level 6
Pavilion Shopping Centre
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
P 603 2141 4272

*exchange rate at time of travel $1AUD=$3MYR

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