The Stranded Store, Colonel Light Gardens

The Stranded Store has long been on my to go list but I’ve been constantly putting it off to get there cause it’s a bit of a trek as I reside on the ‘other’ side of the city. Hehe… imagine if I was living in Melbourne or Sydney, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere cause it’s ‘too far’! My long time buddy who I’ve known since our tracky dack days had racked up another year to her age so I left it up to her to choose where she’d like to go lunching to celebrate her birthday. Much to my delight, she had always wanted to try The Stranded Store too. Perfect; a booking was made to secure a table and just like that, we managed to kill 3 birds with one stone (crossing TSS off both our lists and a celebratory birthday lunch)!

the stranded store
Seasonal lunch menu

The cafe is located in the inner streets of Colonel Light Gardens on a street called The Strand amongst a few other shops along the strip, reminscent of how the shops are on Elizabeth Street in Croydon. For those that like to start their weekend early, there are local wines and boutique beers on offer at the fully licensed cafe, but for those like us, we needed a caffeine hit to start off our day.

the stranded store
Soy latte

the stranded store
Mini sugar sack – too cute!

the stranded store
Ninos prosciutto; $12.00

We got the Ninos prosciutto to share. A colourful plate of Ninos prosciutto (which was listed on The Advertiser’s ‘100 Things you must eat in SA’ for 2014) with sweet pear slices, fried pita chips, broad beans, punchy bursts of capers, red onion, parsley leaves and dill. It tasted as good as it looked; bright, zingy and lively! The not too salty prosciutto slices and capers were well balanced with the sweet slices of pear and the other fresh ingredients, all providing each mouthful a variety of textures and flavours; the fried pita chips were a stand out for me, crispy and light with a slighty nutty flavour.

the stranded store, Vietnamese rare beef salad
Vietnamese rare beef salad; $25.00

Birthday girls’ Vietnamese rare beef salad with pickled daikon, roasted peanuts and nuoc cham was quite the sight. Vibrant and fresh, both in looks and taste! The beef was cooked just right, juicy and still slightly pink in the centre; paired with punchy and crunchy pickled daikon and a burst of crisp freshness from iceberg lettuce bits, cucumber, tomato chunks and fragrant mint leaves. All of which was sprinkled with some sesame seeds. Yum.

the stranded store, Vietnamese rare beef salad

the stranded store
Special: tuna salad

I opted for the special of the day. A tuna salad with fresh tuna sashimi slices, fennel, radish, radicchio, salad leaves, orange segments, a punchy dressing and a dusting of paprika(?). It was probably the least attractive dish out of the three, but looks aside, it was good. Very good. Much like the others, it was fresh, vibrant and flavourful! Those citrus orange segments were delightfully sweet and citrusy and doubled up as my sweet finish to a lovely meal.

the stranded store

What a gem of a place… although not the most ‘hidden gem’ as The Stranded Store gets packed on the weekends. But hey, at least you won’t get to miss out if you secure a booking! Yes, they take bookings, even if it’s just for 2 people (yay!) AND they’re open on Sundays too! So get to it and let yourself be ‘Stranded’ in the beautiful garden suburb of Colonel Light Gardens.


The Stranded Store
14 The Strand
Colonel Light Gardens SA 5041
P 08 8177 2220

Opening hours
Mon Closed
Tue-Fri 8am-4.30pm
Sat-Sun 8.30am-4pm

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