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Long time readers will know that I rarely eat out for Chinese.. and if I do, it’s in usually in the form of yum cha or soup dumplings. Kelvin Yeoh, the owner of Ming Room recently got in touch with me and invited us to sample their menu during their soft opening period. A huge shout out and thank you goes out to him to accommodate our schedule and have us dine in on a late Friday night. 🙂

ming room
Statue of the emperor, dining area

Ming Room is located on the east side of Victoria Square further down from the courts along Angas Street. It kinda sits on its own along the street with The Arts Theatre a few doors down, but there’s plenty of street parking available on this ‘quieter’ part of town. The restaurant was large and warm with a cosy vibe, a stark contrast to the typical chinese restaurants with loud service, bright lights and plastic furniture cluttering about as diners pull their chairs in and out. Plushy chairs with table cloth draped tables filled the room with a main red feature wall in the larger dining area space. There was also a separate private dining area for groups that want their own space (see that red pole wall thingy? yeah, in there).

On arrival, we were presented with their menus; there was so much variety and options on the menu, (as always with most Chinese restaurants), so there’s definitely something for everyone. We thought it was best if we let them feed us what their most popular and favourite dishes from the menu were.

ming room
Ming Room bamboo stick sate (4 per serve); $8.00
Golden prawn toast; $12.80

They brought out entrees of grilled marinated chicken sate (or satay) sticks with peanut sauce and deep fried marinated prawn toast garnished with sesame seeds and served with sweet chilli sauce. The satays were a different style to the ones we’d been having across Asia, these ones were on the ‘dry’ end of the stick but the refreshing cucumber chunks gave it some moisture and the thick peanut sauce was the perfect pairing to the grilled chicken pieces. As for the prawn toast, who doesn’t love prawn toast? These were yum! Golden and crispy, the prawn itself was fresh, plump and juicy… and that sweet chilli sauce, ooh lah la! As for the pile of deep fried noodle crisps, I didn’t think this dish needed it as the prawn toast were a standout on their own.

ming room
Oriental style minced pork; $16.80

Can I just say yum?! This dish wouldn’t be something that we’d probably ever order at a Chinese restaurant on our own accord so we… or I was very happy that they introduced this to us. The stir fried minced pork with special spices came accompanied with fried eggplant pieces that were soft and tender in a sweet sticky soy sauce. A delightful and homey dish with a play on a variety of flavours and textures. The hero ingredient? Definitely the eggplant.

ming room, tree of life
Tree of life; $13.80

Anyone see the tree? 😉

The tree of life was the stranger’s favourite and stand out dish for the evening. Stir fried Chinese broccoli accompanied by crispy Chinese broccoli leaves and garlic and oyster sauce. Initially we thought the tree leaves were shredded seaweed paper but after speaking to Kelvin, he advised us that they were in fact the leafy end of the Chinese brocoli, but deep fried! Those ‘leaves’ were crispy and light and the sesame seeds sprinkled on top gave it extra crunch; the overall dish was a bit greasy leaving our lips glossy but hey, it’s Chinese food, you expect it to be greasy. We also really liked how they dressed the tree in two thick flavourful sauces that coated the greens well: the garlic and oyster sauce as the stranger did mention how at other Chinese eateries, you could only choose one option or the other, but not a combo of both. Here, you can get the best of both worlds!

ming room, smoked tea duck
Smoked tea duck; $23.80

I’m a huge fan of smoked tea duck and it usually wins me over on a menu 9 times out of 10, so I was a very happy chap when the team at Ming Room presented this dish to us. The marinated duck was marinated, cooked and smoked with Chinese tea leaves giving off a fragrant aroma. The skin was crisp and smokey whilst the meat remained succulent and juicy however there were a few dry bits where there wasn’t much meat around a bone. Overall, a tasty dish with the tea flavour lightly permeatingly the meat with the duck flavour still intact.

We thought the prices were on the steeper side compared to similar restaurants in Chinatown but in this case, you’re definitely paying for the service and better quality in food in terms of execution and taste. The service was efficient and attentive with the waitstaff wearing ear pieces to communicate between the kitchen and front of house.

Other menu options that looked appetising included their salt and pepper soft shell crab, char kuay teow, peking duck – 3 courses and of course a ball of fried ice cream to finish. They’ve also got banquet options for larger groups, like their Ming Dynasty banquet priced at $28 per person (minimum of 4 people) along with promotions and special deals on their website. Are you planning on checking out Ming Room? You can sign up for a free membership to receive 25% discount off your first visit. 😉

[dbites was invited as guests to Ming Room]


Ming Room
73 Angas Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8232 1388

Opening hours
7 days 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm

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  1. November 19, 2014 at 8:37 AM

    Great to read this! I couldn’t make it along to the soft opening and now I’m gutted. It looks absolutely lovely – another one on my to-do list!

    • dee
      November 19, 2014 at 2:06 PM

      Another one for the list! I’m still trying to cross off a few things off mine but seem to be adding more so than crossing them off.

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