Cheesy Street – Food Truck


fork on the road, fotr, victoria square
Cheesy Street van

Oh how I heart cheese. I couldn’t go past this truck without getting a cheese toastie for myself at Fork On The Road during the movie night in Victoria Square weeks ago. PS. the next FOTR is at Pictures at Our Port on December 6 at 4pm and Forkmas in Victoria Square December 19 at 5pm. 😉

fork on the road, fotr, victoria square

It was a complete family affair that night at Victoria Square, with a sectioned off area in front of the inflatable movie screen complete with bean bags, activities for kids and face painting.

fork on the road, fotr, victoria square
Magic mushroom; $8.00

After pondering at the menu, I finally settled with the magic mushroom toastie, although the The Kevin Bacon with crispy bacon, beetroot relish, rocket and provolone did get a second and third glance! But let’s be honest here, with a menu like that, I’d be happy to do a Cheesy Street toastie degustation and get a bit of everything!

fork on the road, fotr, victoria square
Hello oozy melty cheese!


The best part? I didn’t have to share my toastie with the lactose intolerant stranger, so that meant more cheese for me! 🙂 The magic mushroom was a delightful pressed grill square of sauteed mushrooms, balsamic onions, havarti and provolone cheese. Oh them earthy juicy mushrooms and the balsamic sweet onions were a genius flavour combo with the double dose of cheeses – so cheesy, so stringy, so gooooood!

Never heard of havarti cheese? It’s a cheese that hails from Denmark and has a smooth texture whilst the flavour is creamy, yet mild; and the provolone cheese is from Italy which has a firmer texture and a sharper flavour.

fork on the road, fotr, victoria square
Gourmet Grillerz food truck

fork on the road, fotr, victoria square
Shaved pork belly; $9.00

The stranger settled on a twice smoked pork belly served on a scotch roll with spiced caramelised onion relish and creamy slaw with a side of crispy chips from the lads at Gourmet Grillerz.

fork on the road, fotr, victoria square
Churros from ChurrOZ, half and half with caramel

Our usual go-to dessert truck at FOTR was ChurrOZ! I like mine plain and simple, the original way with a dusting cinnamon and icing sugar. The stranger, however, prefers his with a drizzle of chocolate or dulce de leche (caramel) so we managed to get our trio of churros sticks half and half much to the amusement of the guys behind the counter. Hehe!

With over 30 food trucks and stalls set up, there was definitely something for everyone along with drinks for the young and old from the Fork bar with Arete wines, Head in the Clouds wines, Swell Brewing Beer and Sidewood Cider. Awesome work as always FOTR as well as Splash Adelaide and the Adelaide City Council for organising and showing the free outdoor movies that weekend!



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