Modinetti, Torrensville

I’m going to say it.

Best. Baked. Eggs. In. Town.


The stranger finally had a free Saturday morning so we finally got to have a brunch date at one of those places that unfortunately don’t open on Sundays – which is when everyone wants to brunch and lunch really, right?!


I had heard so much about the baked eggs and pasta at Modinetti, so I couldn’t wait to treat my taste buds that weekend with something delicious. The cafe appears quite small and cozy with limited seating out the front of the premises and inside, but a little further towards the back, there was more seating complete with larger tables for big groups, plenty of shade, plants and even a scooter as decoration.

Baked eggs salsicce; $15.00

Why hello!

Two perfectly cooked eggs (my bet is that they were poached and plopped in) baked in sumo with mild Italian sausage accompanied with not 1… or 2, but 3(!) crunchy breads, a very generous serving. As much of a carbaholic as I am, my limit was reached at 2. Suffice to say, I filled my belly up with the baked eggs, sumo and sausages instead of the final piece of bread. A bold and punchy sauce, much like its vibrant appearance, was packed with loads of flavour and the eggs were just… perfection. The egg whites soft and just cooked, the yolk was golden and still runny, none of that rubbery business that I often associate with baked eggs. The sausages were a bonus for the carnivore within me, extra flavour, extra texture, extra yumminess!

I need to go back. I really do!

Frittata; $12.00

The stranger ordered the mushroom and rocket frittata with prosciutto which also came with bread. It was one big golden frittata that flopped over the side of the plate. It was good and simple but my baked eggs were way better. 😉


If you think there’s a place that make killer baked eggs – and by that, I mean, if you think there’s a place that makes better baked eggs than the ones at Modinetti, let me know, I’d love to try and compare the two!

The staff were incredibly friendly and warm and the food was on point. I’ve yet to pencil in another date to get here but I’m keen.. mighty keen! What to order next? The baked eggs again? Their popular pastas? Or that delectable sounding couscous (orange and honey infused cous cous with dry roasted almonds, currants and dates served warm with a generous dollop of yoghurt)? Friends, we should have a brunch date soon so I we could try all of them!


146B Henley Beach Road
Torrensville SA 5031
P 08 8352 8845

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 8am-3.30pm
Sat 8am-2pm
Sun Closed

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