Antica Pizzeria, Hyde Park

Food cravings.

Aren’t they the worse?! Especially if you’re watching a late night movie at some ridiculous hour in the morning and the movie is based around food. Where is one supposed to be look for a simple pasta dressed in olive oil and chilli? Or a triple cheese toastie? Or even a reuben sandwich?!

antica pizzeria, hyde park

The stranger had a craving for tiramisu which lasted for a handful of weeks before we got proactive and went on the hunt for a good ol tiramisu. We narrowed it down to a home made tiramisu at Antica Pizzeria on King William Road.

*Note to self, haul butt there to feast on their metre long pizzas!*

antica pizzeria, hyde park
Tiramisu; $12.00

Look at that thing of beauty: Italy’s favourite ‘pick me up’.

The ‘small’ tub of tiramisu came accompanied with an extra scoop of cocoa powder for dusting at our discretion and biscuit. The tiramisu itself was light and fluffy, and even with layers of cream, it wasn’t overly heavy nor sweet. A touch of espresso coffee aroma lingered around on the palate and before I dug my spoon in for the second time, the stranger was already on his fourth scoop! 😉 Despite the size of the tub, we got through the fluffy cloud of coffee tiramisu with ease and finished off with a hot tea to call it a night.

antica pizzeria, hyde park

We’ve half crossed Antica Pizzeria off our list, but will need to return for their wood oven pizzas! 🙂

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas filled with lots of good food, drinks, presents and surrounded by loved ones and family!


Antica Pizzeria
144B King William Road
Hyde Park SA 5061
P 08 8272 6696

Opening hours
Mon Closed
Tue–Thu 11.30am–9.30pm
Fri–Sat 11.30am–10.30pm
Sun 11.30am–9.30pm

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