Grind It Espresso, Glenelg

Grind It Espresso has been open for years down by the bay, and it was about time that we made our way there to sample the goodies that they had on offer that locals had been treated to for years. FYI, the cafe is located on Moseley Street, and not Moseley Square so don’t make the same mistake we did as we were trying to locate the premises. 😛

grind it, glenelg
Long macchiato; $3.70
Freshly squeezed OJ; $8.00

It was absolutely packed when we arrived with a bunch of people waiting for a seat outside. We joined the cue and got our names taken down, thankfully the wait wasn’t very long and we were seated inside in under 20 minutes. A cup of coffee to kick start the morning for the stranger and a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed OJ for myself – which I thought was on the very ‘steep’ end of the pricing stick but aside from that, very fresh and enjoyable.

grind it, glenelg
Complimentary egg salad

Everyone was treated to a spoon of complimentary egg salad which I thought was a cute, quaint and nice little touch to the experience.

With a menu boasting goodies such as, the chilli brioche: folded eggs with chilli jam in a toasted brioche with salami and fresh spinach, or the Grind It Club, a triple layered wholemeal toastie with tomato relish, avocado, cheese, spinach, fresh tomato slices and bacon topped with a poached egg or even the good ol’ eggs benedict; it was hard to narrow down one item to order. But alas, the difficult decision had to be made with the promise that if all was good and delicious, we’d definitely make a return visit during the warmer months. 🙂

grind it, glenelg
Gravlax (cured salmon); $18.00

The stranger settled with the gravlax (cured salmon) with zucchini fritters, a pile of fresh spinach leaves, tomato relish and lemon and chive hollandaise sauce. I thought the plating was quite interesting as all components of the dish were individual,  almost like a DIY platter leaving the stranger the freedom to combine and mix-and-match how he wanted to eat the salmon. As simple as it may have looked, the stranger really enjoyed the strong and robust flavours from each ingredient, and even more so when they were combined together. The thinly sliced cured salmon complemented well with the fluffy zucchini fritter with crunch from the crispy outside and fresh spinach leaves and punch and kick from the relish and hollandaise sauce.

grind it, glenelg
Brekkie sundae; $15.00


I completely veered away from my favourites of poached eggs, toast, chorizo or anything of the like and got something a little bit sweeter: the brekkie sundae, a monster concoction of greek yoghurt layers with seasonal housemade compote and toasted nut granola topped with fresh strawberries. I’ll be honest, I was very wary about breaking or chipping a tooth in the process! A very sweet dessert (almost too sweet) but the greek yoghurt offered a cooling and smooth relief to each crunchy sweet bite. I barely made a dent in the massive glass and had to get the stranger to help me with the sundae, much to his delight!


Grind It Espresso
4 Moseley Street
Glenelg SA 5045
P 08 8376 0049

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 7am–5pm
Sun 9am-3pm

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2 comments for “Grind It Espresso, Glenelg

  1. Ann
    January 6, 2015 at 10:59 PM

    Ha the yoghurt and granola parfait had me defeated also. The triple layer toasted sandwich sounds great.

  2. Sharon
    January 26, 2016 at 7:52 PM

    Finally tried this place not impressed won’t be back staff rude coffee burnt bitter and after an hour wait for coffee well after our breaky had arrived was less than impressed and frankly the wait staff let the whole show down as the kitchen work hard to get fine food out to customers. While my party waited an hour for anything we noticed several instances of staff rudeness to customers and that it didn’t take long to see that there were other disgruntled customers waiting for coffee as well and that were also not impressed when they got it . I had read reviews prior to going that didn’t rate the coffee and I well agree and I suggest management look to address wait staff as they are letting the place down

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