Sushi Planet, Adelaide

There’s a new contemporary Japanese sushi place in town folks: Sushi Planet – serving up made to order sushi using the freshest fish and seafood as well as grilling yakitori skewers… and the best part, they do free deliveries in the city and most surrounding suburbs! That’s right. You can now have your sushi delivered to your house, apartment, uni or workplace. Check out the map and highlighted areas for reference with minimum order amounts applicable. 😉

I was invited to Sushi Planet’s grand opening party last week organised by the wonderful team at Girl About Town PR to sample some of the food on offer. The venue space is quite large and spacious with plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, the latter being the perfect spot during the warm summer nights – that have yet to hit Adelaide, apparently the heat is coming! The decor inside is slick, modern and contemporary with a large open kitchen for us sushi eaters to take a squiz at whilst the kitchen prepares our food. Check out some of the pics from the night below:

sushi planet, west terrace
Drinks on arrival

sushi planet, west terrace
Platters of sushi

As soon as the platters of sushi were set down on the main communal table, bloggers and media were quick to pounce in to take a quick snap before the crowd hovered in and wiped the platters clean!

sushi planet, west terrace
Salmon nigiri

sushi planet, west terrace, kingfish nigiri
Kingfish nigiri

sushi planet, west terrace, aburi salmon nigiri
Aburi salmon nigiri

sushi planet, west terrace, salmon quinoa roll
Salmon quinoa roll: brown rice roll with quinoa, salmon and avocado

Sushi Planet’s healthy take on sushi using brown rice with quinoa in place of white sushi rice. I’m a huge fan of quinoa to begin with so this gets my approval immediately – even if I didn’t get to have a piece!

sushi planet, west terrace, wasabi
Wasabi anyone?

sushi planet, west terrace
The kitchen hard at work

sushi planet, west terrace, california roll, aburi salmon roll
California roll and aburi salmon roll

I was able to snap up a few sushi pieces, the first being the California roll with crab stick, avocado, cucumber and mayonnaise rolled in flying fish roe and of course, I had to be quick to snap up a piece of aburi salmon roll with avocado, snow peas, cucumber, miso aioli, seared salmon and unagi sauce. A slight variation in the aburi salmon roll that I’m used to with the inclusion of snow peas and miso aioli, but a variation that I thoroughly enjoyed.

sushi planet, west terrace
Chicken yakitori and aburi nigi

We had to camp hover near the kitchens entrance to snag a yakitori skewer as they were disappearing before they even reached the main table throughout the night – haha! I mean, we had to sample at least one yakitori skewer as it’s one of the drawcards aside from the sushi at Sushi Planet. I sampled the chicken yakitori which had chicken thigh meat pieces and sweet leeks, all of which was covered in a little too much teriyaki sauce that overpowered the yakitori as a whole and the flavours, especially the ‘charred’ flavour from the grill was essentially lost.

sushi planet, west terrace
Salmon Sushi Planet delivery cars – SO CUTE!!

As you can tell, I was able to take a few snaps of some of the sushis on offer but failed to sample most of them. So that means that I’ll have to come back with the stranger for a sushi date at Sushi Planet soon and see how the sushi really stacks up against the other sushi spots in the city. 😉

So where do you find this new hot trendy sushi place? It’s in the west end of the city on the corner of West Terrace and Waymouth Street with an onsite paid parking lot as well as plenty of on street parking nearby.

PS. according to their website, if you pick up your order from their store, you get a 10% discount with no minimum order amount! Something to good to know. 😉

[dbites was invited as a guest to Sushi Planet]


Sushi Planet
1/60 West Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000

Opening hours
Sun-Thu 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-9pm
Fri-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm

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