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Watch out, Adelaide, because with the ushering in of summer has come a handful of some cool, new ice cream joints in town. Dee and I were invited to the grand opening of one of them just last week. The Swiss ice creamery, Mövenpick, has made its way to Adelaide, joining 19 other Mövenpick boutiques in the country. Taking a stroll through the city, it would be hard to miss the bright corner store, sitting where Hindley and Leigh Streets meet. When you walk in their Leigh Street entrance, you’re immediately transported to Europe. Clean, alpine decor, modern furnishing and all, and even a mural of the Swiss alps behind you while you indulge.


This particular brand prides itself on its love for gastronomy, all natural flavors and no additives, and its ingredients sourced from far corners of the world to create the purest ice creams nature can inspire — all to a standard of Swiss perfection.

…And we were more than happy to find out if their ice cream rang true with all the above.


Each boutique has 24 flavours to offer

All guests were able to sample not just any of their 24 ice cream flavours (all made in Switzerland) but whatever we wished on their dessert menu – from waffles to pavlova – all on the house.

Tasting platter: Caramelita macaron, Macadamia, Mango, Swiss chocolate, accompanied with a caramel milkshake and raspberry sparkling sorbet

First to come to the tables were tasting platters, which consisted of three ice cream flavours, an ice cream-macaron sandwich, and two samples of a milkshake and sorbet drink.

Mmm… that first bite of ice cream! So creamy, smooth, and just bursting with fragrant flavour, regardless of whichever one I took a bite of from my plate. So far, the Swiss chocolate proved to be the favourite in their Adelaide store. With tiny crunches of chocolate shavings sourced from Maracaibo, Venezuela, it’s got to be somethin’ good right? Now imagine that mixed into rich Swiss cocoa – heaven for you chocolate lovers! The mango sorbet was also on another level. Not even being a fan of sorbets or anything fruity in my ice cream, I was impressed. Alfonso mangoes brought all the way from India are used to make a velvety smooth sorbet, with fleshy and juicy mango morsels in every bite. For those that are looking for something light and refreshing, though, this is a little heavier than your typical fruit sorbet. The Caramelita tasted heavenly – if you’re looking for a super rich, caramel fix. Definitely the sweetest of the lot so be prepared for a sugar explosion. The macaron was a bit dry and crunchy, most likely because sandwiching the cold ice cream, it hardened and froze.

But my hands down favourite would be their Macadamia. Not overwhelmingly sweet like some may find the Mango or the Caramelita to be, the Macadamia was the perfect balance of smooth and rich, sweet and nutty, and creamy and crunchy. The Macadamia nuts are from right here in Australia and added the perfect bit of crunchy texture.

Tasting platter with Pistachio macaron

However, just when I was convinced everything would be a sure-fire winner, I had a sip of their caramel milkshake. We’re all no strangers to milkshakes and unfortunately, this one didn’t quite strike gold for me. I was expecting their rich Caramelita to carry over in the milkshake version, but I might as well have poured myself a glass of milk from my own fridge. It was runny and flavourless. As for their Raspberry Sparkling Sorbet, the raspberry was super fragrant and came across a bit overpowering and even perfume-y for a beverage… and as it was sparkling, my tastebuds were confused. I think I would’ve enjoyed it more as a sorbet rather than a drink.

Waffle basket: Mint Chocolate, Tiramisu, Hazelnut, and Rum and Raisin

After perusing through their menu, we decided to order a waffle basket with our choice of four scoops. We dived in to a delightful bowl of four flavours we just had to try. All were delish, but the Mint Chocolate and Rum Raisin were my personal favourites. What I loved was how distinct the rum and the raisins were, yet they came together for a subtle spicy combo of deliciousness. I never thought ice cream could be gourmet, but if we’re talking gourmet ice cream, Rum and Raisins it is!

And as usual, we took a peek at what our neighbours were indulging in…

Cronut with a scoop of Vanilla Dream ice cream

Berry Waffle with a scoop of Raspberry sorbet and Strawberry ice cream

Swiss Roll with a scoop of Swiss Chocolate ice cream

Hindley Street storefront

Pop in and let us know what your favourite flavours are. If only sugar coma wasn’t a thing, I would’ve tried all 24!

[dbites was invited as guests to Mövenpick Ice Cream]


Movenpick Ice Cream
6 Leigh Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8211 6899

Opening Hours
Mon-Thurs 7am-11pm
Fri 7am-Midnight
Sat 11am-Midnight
Sunday 12pm-Midnight

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