Bar Pulpo by Movida at Melbourne International Airport

Movida is high up on the list of ‘favourites’ for the stranger and he often pays one of the Movida restaurants in Melbourne a visit when he’s in town. Whilst we made our way to Singapore for the Chowzter Asia Awards, our flight itinerary required a slight layover in Melbourne… 4 hours to be exact! At least we knew we were able to treat ourselves to a tasty treat before boarding our 8 hour flight with our options narrowed down to Bar Pulpo (Spanish for ‘octopus’) by Movida or Cafe Vue – Vue de Monde whilst being inside the Melbourne International Airport.

After we got through customs and explored our duty free shopping options, we quickly browsed through the menus at both establishments and settled on Bar Pulpo. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to order from the lunch menu which started at 11am and we were expected to board at 11.30am, so we had to makedo and order from their breakfast menu… Too bad cause we were so looking forward to ordering from their tapas menu, especially getting another taste of their anchoas. Oh well, there’s always next time!

The decor at Bar Pulpo was really lively, warm and vibrant. Orange, brown and cream brick tiles covered the floor of the premises whilst the bar/cafe was adorned with timber panels, simple leather and timber furniture (loved their chairs and would love one for my place!) and rustic recyclable decor pieces; which was all housed under an exposed open ceiling.

Succulent plant in a Spanish paprika “Pimenton Dulce Los Novios” tin

Pan Catalan; $12.90

I’m not always feeling the best when I’m in the sky, so I decided on something really simple to have that morning. The pan catalan certainly didn’t look like much but it was pretty damn delicious. The Catalan bread was toasted and smothered with a layer of chunky smashed tomato and garlic and then topped with delicate thin slices of Spanish cured ham. So incredibly simple yet it had so much flavour, all of which complemented each other nicely with a variety of crunchy, soft and chewy elements thrown in. I’m tempted to make my own version at home!

Salmon gravalax; $19.50

The stranger ordered something a bit more substantial, the salmon gravalax with slow cooked eggs and watercress salad served on organic sourdough toast. The first thing that I noticed was that the watercress salad was a no show, instead it was replaced with a green leafy salad–not quite the same thing but it did the trick. The salmon gravalax was delicate in texture and packed a salty punch, too overwhelming for the palate on its own, but tempered and paired nicely with its accompaniments of toasted sourdough and slow cooked eggs–which I thought was just a smidgen overdone with the edge of the egg yolks bordering the ‘cooked’ end of the scale. It’s only the second time we’ve tried salmon gravalax, with the first being at Grind It Espresso in Glenelg… we much preferred Grind It’s version and their accompaniments.

Overall, we both agreed that my dish was definitely the better out of the two. We had a pleasant experience at Bar Pulpo although we did find service to be a bit slow and inattentive. Especially since the cafe wasn’t that busy during our visit yet it was difficult for incoming diners to find a clean table as most were still occupied with dirty plates from recent occupiers and had not yet been cleared.

It certainly was nice to have something a bit more ‘fancier’ at an airport before boarding a long flight, and if you don’t have time to sit down and have a bite, you can always opt for take away as they’ve got a separate takeaway area for a quick sandwich, tapas or coffee.


Bar Pulpo by Movida
Melbourne Airport
Tullamarine – International Terminal 2
Departures Level one – behind customs
P 03 9310 5091

Opening hours
7 days 8am-11.30pm

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