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As soon as we touched down in Singapore, we were met with our driver who was waiting for us in the arrivals terminal, complete with an ipad and my name glaring back at us in big bold lettering. Ha! That certainly caught our attention and stood out from the rest of the paper name displays held by other chauffeur drivers. Hehe!

We quickly checked in to our room, freshened up and hastily made it on foot to our dinner destination. We were already running late (delayed flight) as it was and all other Chief Chowzters had already arrived and were at Izy Restaurant, a chic, contemporary and modern Japanese izakaya (type of Japanese venue that serves food to accompany drinks) on Club Street in Ann Siang Hill.

Making our way on foot through Ann Siang Hill to get to Izy on Club Street; so many restaurants and bars with tables and people filling out onto the street

We arrived just in time as the others were still mingling and getting to know each other over beverages. We weren’t the only Aussies there for the weekend (!), we met David from The World Loves Melbourne and Kristy from Queen of Bad Timing (Perth) as well as a few other Aussies living and working in the UK and Vietnam.

We were seated in the private function room towards the back of the restaurant. Plush chairs, intimate booths, soft lighting and our very own bar; it was all very swanky yet casual and relaxed at the same time, paired with a bunch of friendly and informative wait staff.

Goma tofu

It didn’t take long before an onslaught of martini glasses came out, but martinis or cocktails, they were not. Instead, they were our starters for the evening – sea urchins. The stranger was quite excited by the mention of sea urchins, mainly cause he’s never had them before and was intrigued by them after he saw a scene of it in The Hundred-Foot Journey. Cold, silky, smooth white sesame tofu with bits of junsai (an aquatic plant aka brasenia) in a cold savoury broth topped with delicate pieces of sea urchin, golden buttery jewels of the sea and last but certainly not least, a hit of wasabi to really wake ones palate. A great, light and refreshing start to the meal.

Osashimi assorted raw fish served with fresh wasabi

Sashimi! Beautiful and fresh; simplicity at its best. A lightly torched massive and plump, buttery scallop; fatty, melt in the mouth ocean trout pieces done two ways and vibrant cubes of fresh tuna with a sprig of crunchy baby bok choy and soy jelly slices. The soy jelly was a nice textural surprise when paired with the tuna as it melted once it made contact on the tongue, something texturally different to the usual soy sauce in liquid form.

Glazed swordfish

A rich, sweet and sticky glaze on a piece of swordfish, it was incredibly moist, rich and fatty with the only let down was that the piece was so small!

Karaage crispy chicken

When our waiter presented the karaage crispy chicken, he mentioned that it was touted as the best fried chicken in Singapore by a Singaporean blogger. We were skeptical at first cause that was one big call, but after the first bite, we were instantly sold. Amazingly delicious. A crispy, peppery and crunchy casing that held no sign of greasiness with a plump and juicy piece of chicken meat within. Each golden nugget was lightly dressed in a balsamic mayonnaise along with a slice of button mushroom for a slight earthiness bite. Delish! Again… the two pieces per person quota wasn’t near enough!

Gyudon wagyu rice

The final savoury course was a small bowl of Japanese rice with tender wagyu slices, sweet caramelised onions and freshly shaved French black truffle slices which were incredibly earthy and fragrant. Beneath the pile of goodies was a hidden soft boiled egg, it was gooey and rich, the perfect saucy ‘glue’ to combine all the ingredients; and along with the rice was an accompaniment of flavourful miso soup to cleanse the palate.

Miso soup

Strawberry chilli sorbet

We finished off with dessert, but it was something a little different from what we’re used to. An odd combination of strawberry and chilli which was strangely addictive. The stranger wasn’t too keen on the flavours but I didn’t seem to mind and kept going back for more. Each mouthful was cooling with a sweet refreshing icy mouthfeel, but suddenly there was an instant hit of heat and tingle on the palate from the chilli. It was oddly amusing and fun. Paired with the strawberry chilli sorbet were bits of sweet chewy meringue pieces and fresh strawberry pieces.

Overall, a delicious meal! I’d definitely recommend it to those who wish to travel to Singapore and want to try something a little bit fancay~ 😉

Many of the Chowzters stayed and partied through the night, after all, it was a Friday night! We, however, had reached our limit and hit ‘that brick wall’… we were barely able to keep our eyes open or make sense of anything so we slowly made our way back ‘home’ for some much needed rest for the days ahead!

PS. for those curious, the 6 course menu at Izy is $120SGD per person plus 7% GST and 10% service charge.

[dbites dined at Izy courtesy of Chowzter as part of the Chowzter Asia awards weekend]


27 Club Street
Singapore 069413
P +65 9678 0027

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 12.30pm-2pm, 5pm-Late
Sat 5pm-Late
Sun Closed

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  1. Ann
    March 29, 2015 at 5:49 PM

    Hi D. We are travelling to Singapore later this year and I’m looking at places to eat/go, so this is right up my alley. I’m a little confused whether this place is called Ivy (as in the subject of the post) or Izy (which is where the link takes me). There is an Ivy Restaurant in Singapore as well.

    • dee
      March 29, 2015 at 10:40 PM

      Hi Ann!

      Great pick up, I didn’t even notice !! It’s Izy and I’ve gone through the post to correct it. Haha oh dear me…

      I hope you have a great time in SG! Stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks. 🙂

      • Ann
        March 30, 2015 at 10:42 PM

        You’re welcome! Thanks for clarifying and I look forward to your next Singapore instalment.

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