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Guess what guys? Looks like the Southern American Bar-B-Q menu at The Curious Squire has just gotten an update with some new tasty inclusions! A few weeks back, I was invited to dine at the Squire and sample their new tasty offerings at one of Girl About Town’s Eat and Tweet event. Drew Akin, The Curious Squire’s head chef and pit master over saw the event for the evening and fed us some authentic and traditional Southern American dishes straight from New Orleans, where he hails from.

the curious squire, drew akin
Drew Akin

FYI, we were treated to a ‘Curious Squire’ degustation with smaller sample sized versions of what you’d normally get if you ordered from their expanded menu. Check out the deliciousness below:

the curious squire, fried green tomatoes
Fried green tomatoes; $9.00

These were quite the snack! The green tomato slices have been marinated in buttermilk and corn crusted then deep fried to a crispy crunch without the grease. Along with the bucket of ‘chips’, were condiments of Squire sauce and Drew Akin’s mumma’s ranch sauce. Soul food in snack size!

the curious squire, sweet potato fries
Sweet potato fries; $5.00

the curious squire, pulled pork quesadillas
Pulled pork quesadillas; $12.00

These were delish! Pulled pork quesadillas with a 5 cheese blend (amazing), queso, hot spicy tongue tingling jalapenos, sour cream, lettuce and a home made tomato salsa with chives. I even thought the serving size we received was quite generous but then I could see why after I got through the first bite! I wanted moreeeee~ It was delicious, the toasted wrap, the crunchy fresh lettuce, the heat from the jalapenos that was quickly tempered down by the sour cream, and the vibrant and tasty home made tomato salsa. I’m definitely heading back to the Squire just to treat my taste buds to this again.

the curious squire, chicken and waffles
Chicken and waffles; $24.00

Chicken and waffles don’t sound like they should be in the same sentence together… let alone be on the same plate together! But as odd and weird as it sounds, it was actually really, really, really good. A piece of crispy fried chicken laid on a piece of buttermilk waffle, topped with streaky bacon, pickles slices and finished with maple syrup, hot sauce and butter. It sounds so wrong, but tastes oh so right. It was like a flavour and texture explosion with each mouthful, dinner and dessert at the same time! I quickly took a snap of it on my phone and sent it to the stranger to show him what I was having for dinner that night, suffice to say, he woke up the following morning saying that he dreamt of chicken and waffles… so looks like a revisit is in order soon! Chicken and waffles… and pulled pork quesadillas please! What else can we add on to our revisit list? 😉

the curious squire, cajun blackened kingfish
Cajun blackened kingfish; $26.00

Our last savoury course for the evening was cajun blackened kingfish with baby greens, corn salsa, remoulade and tabasco. The fish was cooked well, not overdone with a good amount of spice and flavour on the outside; and the baby greens and corn salsa added a nice light freshness and crunch to the meal overall. A light main meal for ones who wish to give red meats a miss.

the curious squire, smores
S’mores; $12.00

Last and certainly not least, dessert was s’mores! S’mores!

Toasted melty gooey marshmallow wedged between biscuits and a dollop of nutella chocolate. Divine, albeit a bit messy to eat, but well worth the ooze, stringy gooey factor! Yum. This is also going on our revisit list too!

These were only some of the new additions on their menu sampled that evening, they’ve also got Mah’s Meatloaf with ground beef, veal & pork, tangy apple cider molasses, potato salad and garden salad; $24.00 or the epic Mac & Cheese Sundae which consists of a 5 cheese macaroni, smoked pulled pork, coleslaw, homemade Bar-b-q sauce, onion ring and pork rind; $24.00. To my cheese loving friends, give me a holler as I can’t do Mac’n’Cheese on my own, but I’d love to try some of yours. Haha.

[dbites was invited as a guest to The Curious Squire]


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P 08 7071 5767

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