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So did ya hear that PappaRich has opened up shop in lil ol’ Radelaide?! Yipee!!

Haven’t heard of it? It’s a popular Malaysian eatery that first started in Kuala Lumpur in 2005, fast forward 10 years and it has grown to a whopping number of 70 outlets throughout Malaysia and internationally; with a total of 8 in Australia and most recently, the very first one in Adelaide on Gouger Street in the Chinatown precinct. Surprisingly, when we were in KL last year, we didn’t stop into one to sample their food neither have we tried to visit any of the outlets in the eastern states, but hey, now we don’t have to!

papparich, gouger street
A lion dance spectacle was on show for the official launch of the new venue in Adelaide

PappaRich officially opened its doors early April, and with its opening, there is a never ending line up at the front; the official launch followed a fortnight after where we were invited as guests to join PappaRich ambassador Poh Ling Yeow for a massive lunch feast.

We got to enjoy a large selection of the Malaysian dishes from the PappaRich menu and by the end of it, it felt like we sampled everything on their menu but we only made a small dent through it, if even that! Below are only some of what we had… PS. hopefully you’re not reading/browsing through this on an empty stomach… you have been warned!

First up, beverages of our choice from their extensive menu; there are over 60 types of drinks (!) on offer from PappaRich’s range of specially blended local coffee, tea, organic soya milk, juices and special fruit concoctions.

papparich, gouger street, teh tarik
Iced teh tarik; $4.50

We reckon the teh tarik (sweet milky tea with a strong tea flavour) is a must order at any Malaysian eatery, its name literally means ‘pulled tea’ where the maker ‘pours’ and ‘pulls’ the tea from one jug to the other until there’s a bit of ‘froth’ that appears from the process. You can spy on the tea being made through the open kitchen that runs along half the length of the venue, the process is quite a sight. Teh tarik’s can be ordered hot or iced, the Stranger opted for the iced variety on our visit, whilst I opted for some green tea goodness instead.

Then the onslaught of food came out, one after the other, after the other…

papparich, gouger street, Roti canai with curry chicken
Roti canai with curry chicken; $12.90

A metal platter of fresh, light and flaky roti canai with tender pieces of curry chicken, sambal and sauce were in their designated sectioned compartments. The roti canai was clearly the star, the flat bread was fluffy and airy with a slight toasty crisp on the outside and the tender chicken pieces were flavourful as it soaked in all the curry sauce; the perfect meal for my sore and achy teeth that day.

papparich, gouger street, Roti telur bawang beef rendang
Roti telur bawang beef rendang; $13.90

papparich, gouger street, satay
Satay mixed (12 pcs); $25.90

Oh how we love satays and finally a place in Adelaide that does these babies! A mixed platter of satays were presented, half beef and chicken grilled fragrant skewers with chunks of red onion, refreshing cubes of cucumber and a chunky peanut sauce. The chicken satay sticks were a favourite of mine, fragrant and flavourful albeit a wee little bit on the dry side. The stranger noted that the beef were too, on the dry end of the stick and therefore chewy in texture.

papparich, gouger street
Prawn dumplings; $4.90

They also have a very limited dim sum/yum cha menu at PappaRich with only four items, prawn dumplings, chicken dumplings, vegetarian shui kau and vegetarian fu chook rolls. But really, you’re at PappaRich for their Malaysian goodies right?

papparich, gouger street
Vegetarian fu chook rolls; $4.90

Once the ‘starters’ were out of the way, out came the big guns…

papparich, gouger street
Pappa special nasi lemak; $15.90

PappaRich’s special nasi lemak was a neatly presented plate of fragrant coconut rice, curry chicken and sambal prawns, crispy anchovies, peanuts, fresh slices of cucumber and a half boiled egg. Delicious and a favourite among most.

papparich, gouger street
Biryana rice with red chicken and eggplant; $14.90

papparich, gouger street, char kuay teow
Pappa char kuay teow; $13.50

papparich, gouger street
Pappa fried rice noodles; $13.50

The fried rice noodles were new to us as we’re more accustomed to this particular noodle in a soup noodle dish, however the dark soy sauce was flavourful and the noodles overall had a pleasant ‘wok’ fried taste. A very enjoyable dish (albeit a tad bit greasy) with crunchy bean sprouts, chicken pieces, a pair of prawns and a mild hit of chilli.

We were more than halfway through the epic lunch and my green tea concoction had still yet to arrive. I asked a passing waitstaff about its whereabouts and after a short wait, the green monster finally came. Ta-da!

papparich, gouger street
Matcha rocks; $7.50

Match tea, matcha ice cream and sweet red adzuki bean… a tried and tested combination of ingredients and popular amongst green tea enthusiasts. A sweet, creamy and tasty drink however I would have liked a stronger matcha taste, but that comes down to personal taste.

More food flooded out of the kitchen…

papparich, gouger street
Crispy egg noodle; $13.50

papparich, gouger street
Ipoh kuay teow soup with steamed chicken (chicken not pictured); $13.50

papparich, gouger street
Pappa prawn mee; $13.50 – unfortunately not the most photogenic prawn mee aye?

papparich, gouger street
Vegetarian fried mee hoon with curry mutton; $14.90

Phew! Only some of the dishes consumed that day are pictured, we either didn’t get to try some or were way too stuffed to stomach any more in. Some of us managed to find their dessert stomach but we lost ours in the midst of all the savoury dishes. We will be returning in the near future to try out their other dishes, and hopefully when we go, there is no line up or a very short one… haha! No one likes waiting in line for food on a hungry stomach, right?

PappaRich can get noisy when it’s packed to the brim with patrons and the restaurant itself is a little tight at full capacity. Service was albeit a bit slow and and waitstaff were run off their feet on our visit, but it’s still early days. By the looks of things, it’s only going to improve from here on in and if the crowds are anything to go by, we’d say that Adelaide is very happy to have PappaRich in town to serve a large variety of tasty Malaysian dishes. PS. they have buzzers on all tables for when you need to flag down a waiter, we didn’t need to use it on our visit but I’m sure we’ll be making use of the buzzer soon. 😉

[dbites was invited as guests to PappaRich]


116-116A Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 7225 9991

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