Kutchi Deli, Ebenezer Place, Adelaide

We can’t believe it’s taken us this long to check out Kutchi Deli Parwana on Ebenezer Place (opened early-mid 2014) after we had such a delicious, filling and homely meal at the mother restaurant, Parwana Afghan Kitchen in Torrensville. But hey, at least we finally made it to its second deli in the heart of the city. The hole in the wall, small sized deli is from Parwana owners children and partners, the place is colourful, bright and inviting with rich jewel coloured tiles with intricate patterns and details, bright coloured walls and ornaments and photo frames adorning the deli space.

Proceed through the door on the right, place in an order, and grab a seat either by the window overlooking the hipster street of Ebenezer Place, or take a seat outside along the footpath. Our group of four snagged a sunny spot outside, had a gander at the short menu of Afghan style street food which was perched by the entrance door and completed our orders inside.

kutchi deli, ebenezer place, morgh degee
Morgh degee; $14.00

Three out of four of us ordered the morgh degee, a generous open styled wrap with chicken pieces marinated in Afghan spices and yoghurt wrapped in a fluffy toasted flat bread with diced red onions, juicy tomatoes and refreshing cucumber chunks. Satisfying and delicious, a relatively cheap and filling lunch meal… although we’re not too sure how well it’d hold up if it was ordered as take away unless the wrap was wrapped tighter and more compact so it wouldn’t fall apart.

kutchi deli, ebenezer place
Chickpea curry

Our vegetarian friend opted for Kutchi Deli’s traditional chickpea curry sautéed in a garlic, onion and tomato sauce served on rice with a yoghurt dressing. A vibrant and bright plate was presented and we could only imagine how much flavour was packed into the plate from the colours alone.

kutchi deli, ebenezer place
Mantu; $12.00

We also ordered an extra plate of food to share, a serving of their popular mantus (dumplings), the vegetarian version–steamed dumplings stuffed with sautéed onion and carrot topped with a split pea sauce. PS. the non-vegetarian version has a minced meat sauce and is amazingly delicious!

Overall, an enjoyable, quick and tasty lunch with half of us enjoying Afghan food for the first time and would be more than happy to return.


Kutchi Deli
7 Ebenezer Place
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 7225 8586

Opening hours
7 days 11.30am-3.30pm

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