The Flinders Street Project, Adelaide

Not long after my first visit to The Flinders Street Project, I was back on a Sunday with a few friends to treat ourselves to their yumminess. (PS. there’s a new ‘open Sundays‘ tag for those of you having trouble finding an eatery open on Sundays!)

When we spied the espresso martini on their menu for a cheap $9.00, we knew we had to order one… even if it was a tad bit too early for one (or two)… hehe!

the flinders street project
Espresso martini; $9.00

Unfortunately, the espresso martini did not live up to our expectations. We thought it was quite the blunder actually, it wasn’t chilled nor creamy, and quite weak in terms of an ‘espresso’. Well… it was only $9!

Onwards to the food, hopefully it fared better than our drinks…

the flinders street project
Butter croissant filled with prosciutto and Swiss cheese; $9.00

N couldn’t go pass the butter croissant filled with prosciutto and Swiss cheese… just look at that glorious toasty flaky pastry. But then look at how glossy and shiny it is… As good as it looked, it was actually quite oily and greasy leaving behind a dark greasy print on the grease paper, and with each ‘squeeze’ of the croissant as N held it to bite through it, melted butter oozed out onto her fingers. On the bright side… instant lip gloss for her lips? Heh!

We gave the specials menu a go too and ordered both of the dishes on offer that day.

the flinders street project
Barossa chorizo, poached eggs, pine nuts, ciabatta and shaved zucchini; $18.00

Grilled Barossa chorizo with poached eggs, crunchy pine nuts, chunky ciabatta bread and ribbons of shaved zucchini slices. A generous serving that we struggled to finish.

the flinders street project
SA garfish, parsley, tomato, red onion, caper and lemon butter with toasted bread; $22.00

As for the garfish, unfortunately it was much the same as the butter croissant, it was too oily. On top of that, I was met with more than a ‘few’ bones in the garfish dish when I had a taste, all of which I discarded and left on the side of the plate. The accompanied ingredients were all bright and zippy with the cherry tomato halves lifting the dish up with a burst of sweet freshness.

the flinders street project
Heirloom tomato, local prosciutto, bocconcini, grilled stone fruit salad; $16.00

Surprisingly, the salad was a favourite on the table, both in terms of visual presentation and taste. No matter how many times we stabbed our forks into the plate, it seemed like there was no end to the salad. Fresh juicy heirloom tomatoes, punchy slices of prosciutto, bouncy chewy bocconcini cheese, crisp watercress leaves and sweet grilled peach wedges. A well balanced salad with fresh and bright flavours and a nice combination of textures–and very filling too!

I quite enjoyed my first visit more, but like many places, there are good days and bad days. It’s a nice spot for a quick bite or a lazy brunch date and there’s plenty of parking around the premises. Worth a visit if you’re after a quiet place that’s also central of the city.


The Flinders Street Project
276 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 7230 1817

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 7am-4pm
Fri 7am-Late
Sat-Sun 8am-3pm(ish)

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