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kang kong

Kangkong is the new kid on the block situated in Topham Mall (pedestrian link between Currie and Waymouth Street) – a Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant that focuses on shared plates and a creativity that fuses both East and West into one menu. Connected to it is Gypsy Dragon, an inner city bar with an outdoor area, however we didn’t explore Gypsy Dragon as it was incomplete on our visit.

Front entrance

DBites was recently invited to the VIP opening where Dee and I caught a sneek peak of the restaurant. An open and industrial space: concrete walls and bold pops of colour. The wall art, a depiction of ancient Chinese characters, people, and animals, spoke to Kangkong’s Asian influence and continued the contrasting motif of East to West and modern to old. The little decorations were fun, funky and eclectic.

kang kong
Open kitchen and counter

While we were there, we had a little peek of what was on the menu as well in finger food size. Below are only some of the things we got to sample that evening.

kang kong, Satay chicken skewers
Satay chicken skewers; $12.00

The chicken skewers tasted every bit as good as it looked. The toasted peanuts, galangal (think ginger root), and coriander tied together well with the juicy sweetness of the marinated chicken. The cucumber pickle sprinkled atop each skewer added a pinch of sweet tanginess to each bite. A fresh twist to the classic.

kang kong, fried chicken
Korean fried baby chicken with kimchi mayonnaise; $25.50

The fried chicken was my favourite of the night. The buttermilk batter gave each piece a nice, thick crunch, which on its own would’ve been delicious. But dip it in the kimchi mayonnaise, and you’re in for a spicy, slightly vinegary treat. An amazing combination.

kang kong, curry puff
Kangkong, tofu and sweet potato pastries with tamarind and date chutney; $14.00

Up next was a vegetarian curry puff. A savoury puff pastry filled with tofu, veggies, and strong, aromatic curry flavours. The tamarind and date chutney added more in flavour.

kang kong, Chang Mai pork sausage, galangal, lemongrass and green chilli chutney
Chang Mai pork sausage, galangal, lemongrass and green chilli chutney; $24.00

The plump pork sausages with spices of galangal and lemongrass had loads of flavour but did veer towards the greasy side, aside from that, a tasty mouthful!

kang kong, fish cakes
Fish cakes

kang kong, Roasted banana panna cotta
Roasted banana panna cotta; $12.50

One of the dessert plates on offer was a unique take on panna cotta featuring pandan, coconut gels, aloe vera, and dragon fruit. A western classic infused with classic Malaysian-Indonesian ingredients like pandan and exotic dragon fruit left me wishing this came bigger than a spoonful. There was just a hint of banana in the panna cotta, which complemented the tropical fruits, and the texture was velvety smooth.

kang kong

With the abundance of Asian-fusion joints in town, it’s refreshing to see creativity come through in the menu through their unique ingredient combinations. And with the nature of its menu geared towards sharing, it’s a winning pick for a group catchup accompanied with good food.

kang kong

[dbites was invited as guests to Kangkong]


44 Waymouth Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 7226 5255

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 9am-12am
Sat 5pm-12am
Sun Closed

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