The Kettle Black, South Melbourne VIC

Melbourneeeeee! I haven’t been in years and I was excited to go, especially along with the Stranger and a bunch of our close friends. We headed there a couple of weekends ago for a celebratory weekend for the tiger’s 30th party and straight off the bat, it was left up to me on where we should go for brunch as soon as we landed and checked in. With Melbourne being the coffee capital of Australia and with the large number of hit popular cafes around the CBD and neighbouring suburbs, it came down to narrowing down on what was close by to make our lives easier!

kettle black

Thankfully, one of the cafes on my hit list was a short walk away from where we were staying and just like that, brunch was decided and we headed to The Kettle Black Cafe in South Melbourne. 🙂

kettle black

Boy was it busy or what! We brunched on a Friday hoping that it wouldn’t be too busy assuming that most people were at work or uni, but the cafe was buzzing with brunchers along with the aroma of coffee wafting through the air with the take away cart set up directly outside the front of the cafe. We probably came at just the right time as we managed to snag up one of the last free tables available inside the cafe. The space was gorgeous. Bright white walls, a large open space with modern, slick decor, wooden accents, funky simple light fixtures and a touch of greenery here and there. The cafe was housed inside two buildings, a modern business space with large glass window panels with a ‘reptile scale’ like exterior and an old two storey house with the ‘newer’ building being built around the old house–like quite literally! It was pretty cool.

kettle black
This photo doesn’t reflect my explanation very well, but the roof of the house had very little breathing room above it which is the newer building structure… they built the new building around the old one!

As with most holidays that we’ve been on, if beer is available for breakfast or brunch… then beer it is for the Stranger!

kettle black, Two Birds Bantam IPA, Spotswood VIC
Two Birds Bantam IPA, Spotswood VIC; $8.00

As for the rest of us, we stuck with the ‘usuals’ of coffee and fresh coldpress juices.

kettle black, green pressed juice, kale, celery, green capsicum, lemon and apple
Fresh coldpress juice; $6.50

There were two options available for fresh coldpress juices, oj straight up or the green variety of kale, celery, green capsicum, lemon and apple. I ordered the green monster and as refreshing as it was, there was a rather overpowering capsicum after taste that I wasn’t too sure if I liked or not. I’m still on the fence about it…

Food time!

kettle black, eggs your way
Eggs your way on toast + a side of chorizo; $10.00 + $4.00

How delicious does this look? Scrambled eggs on toast with a side of chorizo; the verdict: delicious, light, fluffy and perfect!

kettle black, ocean trout
Tataki ocean trout with a raw kale and pickled vegetable salad, seaweed, nuts and poached eggs; $20.00

Yummmmmm! The tataki ocean trout was divine, vibrant and melt in the mouth; it was paired with fresh raw kale and a sharp pickled vegetable salad with crisp seaweed, crunchy nuts and a duo of perfectly poached eggs to bind them all together.

kettle black, king fish
Fresh kingfish with potato crisps, tomato, avocado and leaves; $23.00

A simple dish of kingfish with potato crisps, tomato, avocado and leaves with each ingredient shining out on its own however we found the kingfish to be slightly over done as the meat was a bit stringy and dry.

I’m not a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast or brunch at all, I’m a sucker for poached eggs, mushrooms, toast and on the odd occasion, bacon. But after spying all the colourful pics on social media from others who had dined at Kettle Black, I knew I had to order the ricotta hot cake.

kettle black, Hotcake with ricotta, blueberries, pure maple, double cream and seeds
Hotcake with ricotta, blueberries, pure maple, double cream and seeds; $18.00

How gorgeous is it? A massively thick, fluffy ricotta cake filled up the deep plate, topped with a variety of fresh berries, a crunchy handful of seeds, a healthy drizzle of pure maple syrup, a quenelle of double cream with purple sugar sprinkled on top and some pretty and dainty edible flowers. DELISH! The ricotta hot cake had a slight crisp exterior with a subtle toasty crunch that gave way to a cloud of fluffy goodness with bursts of blueberries within and hints of maple syrup seeping through. The combination of flavours and textures was a delight, the crunchy toasty seeds and fresh juicy bursts of fresh berries gave each mouthful a ‘pop’ of fun and yum. I wish I could go back for another, so hopefully soon… but then that begs the question of, what other cafes do I want to visit?!

kettle black


The Kettle Black
50 Albert Road
South Melbourne VIC 3205
P 03 9088 0721

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

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