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Nordburger! It’s been a while since we last munged down a burger from them and during that time, they’ve opened up a second burger joint at a larger premises down west on Port Road. It’s huge… massive in comparison to their original store on The Parade, but it takes on the same aesthetics and look and feel with the bright, white tiled walls, concrete bar with wooden stools, the concrete hand wash area and neon signage with the new inclusion of plenty of booth seating around the space. They’ve also introduced a soft serve corner called Rainbow Island Soft Serve which we’re assuming is a Japanese brand of some sort as the logo is accompanied with Japanese characters.


Service was incredibly slow on our visit. The line up to the counter stretched towards the front door with only one person at the counter… they were run off their feet! We eventually made it to the front and dappled in each area of the menu, our feast included the classic nordburger, kahuna burger, mushroom burger, a chicken basket, tater tots, a vanilla shake, juice and sparking water with the intention of lining up again to order a sundae for dessert! They also have a beverage called ‘Pocari Sweat’ on offer… sweat! It’s a Japanese fizzy sport drink dubbed as an ion supply drink, think electrolytes or Gatorade/Powerade. We actually wanted to try it but stock hadn’t come in yet… so that’ll have to wait for another day.

Nord feast

Nordburger: fresh ground beef, pickles, tomato, lettuce, mustard, ketchup and NORD sauce; $8.70

Mushroom burger; $8.70

I opted for the veggie burger on our visit, one of my all time favourites burger from their short menu. The photo doesn’t do the burger any justice but seriously, it’s really really good. I even got my carnivore meat loving friend onto it… now that’s saying something! A thick, juicy, ‘meaty’ panko crumbed portobello mushroom ‘patty’ was the hero of the burger, a nice crumbly crunch on the outside holding a juicy, slightly firm earthy mushroom in the centre, that paired with a crunchy coleslaw and a concoction of sauces: mustard, ketchup and NORD sauce that gave it a hit of tang and punch. Yum yum all around! PS. we did notice that neither of our burger buns had the toasty crunch on the outside as we usually see at the Norwood site, maybe it was toasted but not enough or maybe they bypassed the toasting step to shorten wait times for the burger eaters that were in line.

Chicken basket; $10.50

We were being greedy guts that evening so we decided to order the chicken basket to share cause we weren’t sure if the burgers would have filled us up. FYI, we were stuffed by the end of our burgers alone and could have done without the chicken basket but ‘hungry eyes’ won the battle! The basket of crisp buttermilk fried chicken tenderloin pieces with a pile of crispy crinkle cut fries were delish! The menu mentioned a ‘dill pickle’ in the basket but for the life of me, I can’t even remember if it was in the basket or not, oh well… we obviously didn’t notice that it was missing.

Tater tots; $3.50

These were bomb-tastic! They were like mini bite sized hashbrowns… so, so good. I mopped the basket up clean; the tater tots were crisp and golden on the outside whilst the centre had flakey soft potato bits, they tasted even better once dunked into some tomato sauce. Yum!

The new Nordburger site is much the same as their Norwood premises, just bigger in size with a slightly more extensive menu with a new ‘fried chicken’ menu and some gourmet additions to their chips; the crinkle cut royale (combination of fries, melted cheese, caramelised onion, fry sauce $5.90) and the chilli cheese (fries, beef chilli, melted cheese and chopped onion $6.40)… oh! Wine and beer is also available so if you’re after a casual and relaxing meal, Nordburger might be up your alley as you won’t feel the urge to rush out of there as soon as you’re done, unlike at the small Norwood site as you see patrons waiting around to nab your seat once you’ve finished your meal. 😛


259 Port Road
Hindmarsh SA 5007

Opening hours
7 days 11.30am-late

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  1. Pamela
    March 2, 2016 at 3:53 PM

    Hello, tried to find a phone number for Hindmarsh and Norwood, with reply, no matches enquiry is do you sell vouchers at all?

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