Burger Foundry, Torrensville

Every once in a while, I’ll have a day where I just want to kiss every last salad goodbye and for one meal, indulge in the juiciest burger I can find. Oh, and maybe treat myself to a rich, velvety milkshake to wash it all down.

burger foundry

If ever you’re in a mood for that filling, no-regrets kinda meal, make your way down to Burger Foundry. Not long ago I was invited to their new Torrensville location where I was treated to just that.

burger foundry

With all the burger joints in town, I had been on the hunt for burger places that would really hit close to home for me (America), I walked in with fingers crossed this wouldn’t disappoint.

burger foundry, onion rings, mozzarella and bacon tater tots, hand cut chips
Sides platter: Onion rings seasoned with Foundry spices; $6.00, Mozzarella and bacon tater tots; $6.00, and hand cut chips; $4.00

Each table started off with a trio platter of their side items, the basic burger accompaniments. The onion rings were deliciously flaky and crispy. A thick slice of onion in each ring. And the warm, pillowy tater tots oozing with mozzarella from the centre truly hit the spot. An ingenious take on the classic tater tot!

burger foundry, mozzarella and bacon tater tots
Mozzarella and bacon tater tot

burger foundry, tim tam milk shake
Tim Tam milkshake; $5.50

Next up, these house made milkshakes served in classic milk bottles were a treat. I’ve learned that in Australia, there’s thickshakes and then there’s the thinner, regular milkshakes. How I appreciate that Burger Foundry has made all their shakes a perfect balance of thick and smooth, just like the ones I’m used to! And a Tim Tam flavoured one at that–chunks of chocolatey creamy biscuit in each sip. Heaven for a sweet tooth like me.

burger foundry, Blue Steel beef burger
Blue Steel beef burger with roasted walnuts, sweet caramelized onions, blue cheese, aioli and rocket; $14.00

On to the burgers. I ordered the Blue Steel, Burger Foundry’s take on one of my favourite burger combinations. The blue cheese and caramelized onions gave the burger a sweet and tart flare, while the rocket and tomato slices toned it down. Walnuts and blue cheese are always a winning combo, as the walnuts add texture as well. If only the patty and burger buns weren’t as dry, my burger would’ve been gone in no time! 

My neighbours at the table both ordered chicken burgers: Avocado and brie chicken burger with avocado, cucumber, tomato slices, Brie cheese, aioli and mesclun greens; $16.00 and the Jamaican jerk chicken burger. After cutting off a small slice and swapping with them, the chicken burgers were decidedly the stars of the evening.

burger foundry, jamaican jerk chicken burger
Jamaican jerk chicken burger with tomato slices, tropical mango salsa, aioli and iceberg lettuce; $13.00

The Caribbean spiced Jamaican jerk chicken was juicy, well-seasoned, and perfectly grilled. Morsels of mango in their home-made salsa paired well with the smokey flavours of the chicken. Yum.

burger foundry, we build great burgers

While just about everything else on their menu hit the spot, the search is still on to add to my list of go-to places for a satisfying beef burger. When it comes to chicken burgers, milkshakes, and downright guilty sides, though, Burger Foundry is the spot.

[dbites was invited as a guest to Burger Foundry]


Burger Foundry
172 Henley Beach Road
Torrensville SA 5031
P 08 8352 4257

Opening hours
7 days 11.30am-9pm

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