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So within the span of a month, we dropped in to Udaberri 3 weekends in a row! The staff may have recognised our faces by now as we’re always occupying the back kitchen bench seat whilst tackling their constantly and ever changing menu of tapas and pintxos. Udaberri sits in the west end of the city, smack bang on Leigh Street amongst other neighbouring hip bars and restaurants, some of which have become our absolute favourites. The dimly lit bar is small and narrow yet warm and cozy; the cocktail bar runs along most of the length of their space with a small open kitchen towards the back, there’s a small outdoor bar area out back and an upstairs area too.


We usually drop into Udaberri for a few drinks with a few mates come the weekend, but just recently, we’ve dappled into their food menu, and boy oh boy, we have been mightily impressed! So brace yourselves on the deliciousness on offer as there are a lot of pics–three visits worth of food and drinks! πŸ˜‰

udaberri, menu

The menu is split into a few headings:
– pintxos (single serves)
– piattos (plates to share)
– ensaladas (salads)
– la txuleta (steak)
– bocadillos (basque sandwiches)
– cuca tins (premium spanish tinned seafood)
– postres (dessert) and
– a selection of French and Iberian cheeses

We usually start off with a few pintxos, a piatto or two and depending on our stomach capacity, we either go all out and order a steak with the extras or stick with a few plates to share and a bocadillo.

Visit number one was for a small bite to kill some time before we headed off to dinner… haha, pre-dinner before dinner. πŸ™‚

udaberri, Truffled beef carpaccio with manchego and lemon aioli
Truffled beef carpaccio with manchego and lemon aioli; $3.00 each

A small bite of tender pink truffled beef carpaccio with a strong manchego cheese and tangy lemon aioli, an interesting combination of flavours with the lemon aioli balancing out the sharpness of the cheese. We ordered two servings and didn’t notice the ‘manchego’ (cheese) in it as the Stranger is lactose intolerant, so I had both of these to myself… haha! A mistake we should make more often? πŸ˜›

udaberri, Macadamia crusted pork with a cherry relish
Macadamia crusted pork with a cherry relish; $3.00 each

A slice of toasted baguette bread topped with macadamia crusted pork and a sweet cherry relish. A really good bite, the soft jammy relish was the perfect sweetness that cut through the heaviness of the pork meat and was that much needed ‘sauce’ to combat the dry components.

udaberri, Macadamia crusted pork with a cherry relish

udaberri, Sauteed portobello mushrooms with egg yolk
Sauteed portobello mushrooms with egg yolk; $7.00

Our favourite item from their menu is the sauteed portobello mushrooms. They’re thickly sliced and sauteed in a rich butter sauce, then carefully assembled into a tower of mushrooms holding a golden egg yolk in the centre. Smash and eat. DE-FREAKING-LICIOUS!

We’ve ordered this beauty on every occassion thus far!

udaberri, Sauteed portobello mushrooms with egg yolk
Oooh, look at the yolky ooze!

udaberri, Sauteed portobello mushrooms with egg yolk

Mix and eat!

Firm, earthy, juicy, meaty, rich, creamy… just all around delicious. Get on it mushroom lovers!


We made a meal out of it on our second visit to Udaberri. But of course, a drink to start for the Stranger… his favourite: the old fashioned.

udaberri, Old fashioned
The making of the old fashioned

udaberri, Old fashioned
Old fashioned with a Makers Mark base; $19.00

udaberri, Banderilla, Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber jelly
Banderilla: pickled garlic, guindilla, anchovy and olive; $2.00 each
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber jelly; $3.00 each

Punchy pinxtos to get our tastebuds going. Both were salty and sharp in flavours, with its accompaniments balancing out the punch along with contrasting textures. The cucumber jelly was a surprise, cooling and refreshing; the perfect component to balance out the strong smoked salmon and rich cream cheese.

udaberri, Crispy baby squid with saffron and apple aioli
Crispy baby squid with saffron and apple aioli; $3.00 each

Another punchy plate, crispy baby squid with saffon and apple aioli; I found the baby squid to be quite salty on their own as well as with the accompanied aioli although the Stranger didn’t seem to mind. We couldn’t detect much apple flavour in the aioli though, but it certainly sounded interesting.

udaberri, gin and tonic
Gin and tonic

Another one of our favourite drinks, a g&t before the larger and heavier meals came out…

udaberri, Narrika's autonomo bocadillo
Narrika’s autonomo bocadillo; $7.00

Usually, there are two bocadillos (basque sandwiches) on offer, we ordered Narrika’s autonomo bocadillo which came out stuffed with pancetta, queso mezcla (cheese) and mushrooms. It was glorious! And at only $7 a pop!

udaberri, Narrika's autonomo bocadillo

Amazingly delicious… and probably really bad too. The toasted baguette was dripping in oil/fat and butter–probably from the sauteed mushrooms and pan fried pancetta– and with each bite, the grease just oozed out all over our fingers as the plate caught the rest. As greasy as it was, it was so freaking delicious that we couldn’t care less about how bad it was, that was our cheat meal for the day! A toasty bread filled with thin slices of salty melty pancetta, melted queso mezcla cheese and those amazing mushrooms. And yes, the Stranger smashed his share of the bocadillo, cheese and all; but honestly, we didn’t even know notice the cheese flavour in it as it must have been quite mild, melted and hidden under all the other goodies.

udaberri, La txuleta, steak
La txuleta – steak time!

Then there’s the steak on their menu, a rib eye steak served to share and charged per kilo at $70.00 per/kg, served with patatas bravas, a classic tapas dish of crisp cubed potatoes and a choice of salad.

udaberri, La txuleta, steak
La txuleta, 600g $42.00 at $70.00 per/kg

If you’re after the steak, just let the staff know and they’ll inform you of what steak ‘weight’ is available for the day.

udaberri, La txuleta, steak

*insert heart eye emoji here*

udaberri, La txuleta, steak

udaberri, patatas bravas
Patatas bravas

Crispy nuggets of awesome.

udaberri, watermelon, cucumber, goats feta and honey
Watermelon, cucumber, goats feta and honey salad

Our go to salad from Udaberri is their watermelon, cucumber, goats feta and honey. Fresh, bright, sweet with vibrant cubes of watermelon tossed with cucumber chunks, salty soft goats feta and a drizzle of honey. Delicious. A salad that I’ve replicated at home many times now, so simple, so good! PS. the Stranger just moves the goats feta aside and enjoys the rest of the salad. πŸ˜‰

udaberri, steak, salad, patata bravas

Kitchen bar


With our third visit, we ordered a bunch of other seasonal items from their menu…

udaberri, coffin bay oysters, banderilla, croquetas bacalao
Coffin Bay oysters; $30.00 dozen
Banderilla: pickled garlic, guindilla, anchovy and olive; $2.00 each
Croquetas de bacalao; $7.50

The Coffin Bay oysters were shucked to order and were served with a champagne vinegar. The champagne vinegar was on point! Sharp, sweet, salty, punchy… it went down perfectly with the fresh briny oysters. Divine. The croquetas de becalao is one of Spain’s most adored bar snacks, they’re salt cod croquettes and they were surprisingly moreish and very light and airy with a crispy casing.

udaberri, Sardinas with basil pesto, Pan fried prawns with chorizo
Sardinas with basil pesto; $3.00
Pan fried prawns with chorizo; $3.00
Fresh chorizo poached in red wine with tomato salsa; $7.50

Those sardinas with basil pesto were also surprisingly delicious! The sardines had so much flavour and melted away with each bite, but sadly, with recent visits we have yet to see it make a reappearance on their menu!


No doubt, we’ll be back very soon with friends in tow as they’ve been majorly keen to check out the food offerings at Udaberri after our multiple return visits and our constant ravings about the place. πŸ˜› We can’t wait!

PS. A huge congratulations to the team at Udaberri for taking out the ‘Best small bar’ at The City Awards 2015! Very well deserved.


Udaberri Pintxos Y Vino
11 Leigh Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8410 5733

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 4pm-late
Fri 3pm-late
Sat-Sun 6pm-late

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