The Unley, Parkside

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar

So you may have or may not have noticed that The Boho Bar no longer exists and has undertaken a drastic renovation to become the newest rooftop kitchen and bar known as The Unley on Unley Road in Parkside. We attended the launch a few weeks back and was greeted to a much more brighter, open and airier space compared to what was previously there at the Boho Bar–a dark and gloomy space with very red curtains and burlesque and cabaret decor.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar, upstairs, first floor
Upstairs, first floor space

Now The Unley comes complete with two cosy fireplaces, one on each level of the building, a first floor balcony with open bar, a designated nook overlooking the ground floor for DJ’s who play on Friday and Saturday nights, and an outdoor rooftop balcony overlooking Unley Road.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Downstairs, ground floor

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar

Head Chef Callum Stewart-Watt and his teams menu for The Unley makes use of local SA produce resulting in a modern Australian menu with tapas style plates perfect for sharing, classic pub favourites and dishes catered to vegetarians and vegans too. We were treated to a large range of their seasonal modern day pub grub in small sizes throughout the evening along with a few drinks to accompany them.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Jalapeño poppers; $10.00

Individual cheese filled jalapeño poppers with a crunchy panko crust served with chipotle sauce. The perfect little spicy hot morsel that kicked things off and kept us warm that night as we staked a spot outside on the outdoor rooftop. ๐Ÿ˜‰

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Tiger prawns; $12.00

Plump and juicy chargrilled tiger prawns followed out, each one with the slightest sear on the outside and paired with a goji macadamia puree. Scrumptious individual morsels they were, well seasoned and complemented with a subtle sweetness from the creamy puree.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Pan fried haloumi; $10.00

Visually, I thought the pan fried haloumi could have passed off as tofu. ๐Ÿ˜› The pan fried haloumi at The Unley was served with preserved lemon, tarragon and chilli virgin oil with kalamata olive soil. A salty bite with the haloumi and kalamata olive soil, but not an overwhelming one with a smidgen of heat detected from the chilli virgin oil.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Beef satay; $10.00

Beef satays; skewers of succulent large cubes of grilled beef accompanied with a spicy peanut and coconut sauce. It was far from being authentic with the typical punchy and fragrant South East Asian flavours and spices, but a worthy rendition of these popular street food snacks.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
The Unley Signature; $17.00

Whilst I stuck with a glass of red wine for the evening, Joanne proceeded to the bar and returned with The Unley Signature–a concoction of ลปubrรณwka bison grass vodka, Triple Sec and Havana Club dark rum with cloudy apple juice and agave nectar. The one thing that came to mind after stealing a sip of her cocktail, boooOoooozy! That was one way to stay warm that night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shortly after, an onslaught of sliders and mini burgers followed out but they didn’t last very long as guests quickly honed in and emptied the platters.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Peking duck slider with pickled cucumber and chilli myrtle sauce; $15.50

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Roast beetroot, pear and haloumi slider with kale and walnut pesto; $15.50

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Unley burger; $21.00

We did manage to try most of what was on offer; the Unley burger being the popular pick on our table with Coorong Angus beef pattie, smoked bacon, jack cheese, beetroot jam, egg and rocket, all layered between a sweet brioche bun–look at that melty cheese! I did find the pattie to be slightly overwhelming with spices (possibly rosemary or thyme), but other than that, I welcomed all the other accompaniments, even the glossy fatty slice of smoked bacon. Mmm. FYI, The Unley burger comes complete with a runny egg (our mini versions had a fully cooked egg much like an omelette), fries, Beerenberg tomato chutney and mayo on the side. Sliders also comes in two accompanied with fries. ๐Ÿ˜‰

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Freekeh, carrot and date salad; $8.00

A side of salad to ‘break’ up our mini protein snacks, but unfortunately, not a favourite amongst us. I found it dry and a bit coarse to eat and would have liked a dressing or a ‘wet’ component to accompany the freekeh grains. The accompanied dates provided sweetness to the salad but was best to have in small bites to not overwhelm the palate.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Red kangaroo tenderloin; $27.00

What a beautiful piece of kangaroo! Upon first look, I thought it was a beautiful piece of tuna wrapped in a layer of nori seaweed paper, hehe! An open range, premium grade, ethically harvested kangaroo tenderloin rubbed in native pepperberries, char grilled medium rare with pumpkin lemon myrtle puree, roasted potato medallions, beetroot and riberry chutney. We didn’t get to sample this but it sure looked tasty and from the feedback we received, it was delicious, tender and cooked perfectly. It will go on the ‘must order’ list for next time.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Atlantic salmon; $26.50

Atlantic salmon pan-fried medium rare served with peperonata, roasted fennel, dehydrated olives, tapenade and lemon argumanto. Oh, and look at that salmon skin crackling! I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but I liked it!

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Murraylands lamb shoulder; $24.00

The Murraylands lamb shoulder with freekeh carrot and date salad was a comforting and warming dish. Yes, that is the same salad as before but with the inclusion of flavourful and tender pieces of lamb and what a difference it made. It was much easier to eat with the gravy/juices from the lamb, balancing out the flavours nicely along with a mix of textural differences with each bite… but that lamb… divine and a perfect winter warmer.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Vegie patch; $22.00

The vegie patch was surprisingly a highlight amongst us carnivores. A colourful dish of asparagus, brussels sprouts, beetroot, pumpkin, mushroom quinoa, heirloom carrot, saffron cauliflower cous cous, petite herbs and date balsamic. A winning combo with lots of natural flavours, colours and textures that would excite any palate.

Pizza lovers have not been forgotten either with a range of delectable gourmet flat bread pizzas on offer, the field mushroom and provolone topping certainly tickled my tastebuds as I saw it on the menu with porcini butter, sliced finger potatoes, provolone cheese, fresh thyme and truffle oil ($18.00). Yum!

We ended the night off with a sweet hit with these pretty little things:

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar
Deconstructed lemon myrtle cheesecake

A deconstructed lemon myrtle cheesecake, and as the server informed us, it was drizzled with a ‘lychee sauce’–a native Australian berry. It looked more like Sriracha sauce to me than anything else! Haha. FYI, it is not, although it definitely got our eyes fooled! We were definitely stumped and puzzled as we stared at the ‘lychee sauce’ as the lychee fruit that we are more familiar with is the tropical Asian fruit which does have a red outer skin, but the edible fruit flesh itself is actually a transparent white. Unless there is a native Australian lychee berry and I’ve got the spelling all wrong? Otherwise, a nice dessert with a good balance of flavours and textures with the crumble being the perfect component to excite the palate with some crunch and ‘grit’ to an otherwise smooth and mellow dessert.

the unley, rooftop, kitchen, bar

The Unley is located just on the city fringe and has transformed itself into a great place to unwind and share a drink with friends. Their menu is varied with a variety of dishes catered towards carnivores, vegetarians and vegans and not forgetting pub classics like the schnitty, parmy and salt and pepper squid. There’s a large range of local, craft and international wine, beer and spirits as well as a selection of premium cocktails, plus, parking shouldn’t be a problem with it’s very own private carpark at the back. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They’re open for lunch, dinner, drinks and functions daily.

[dbites was invited as guests to The Unley]


The Unley
27 Unley Road
Parkside SA 5063
P 08 8271 5544

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  1. Ann
    June 9, 2015 at 7:31 PM

    I hated Boho, it was so depressing inside and those ridiculous old movie theatre seats they had downstairs were so ugly. The food looks really great, this one goes onto the list ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dee
      June 10, 2015 at 9:39 AM

      It was probably time they went through an upgrade! I do like what they’ve done with the space and the food was pretty good too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy hump day!!

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