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That red coffee shop. That pit stop you make every morning on your way to work. Or that much needed 3pm coffee pick me up to get you motoring on through the rest of your work day. That easy meeting point you make with your friends for a quick coffee catch up. We’ve all been to Cibos for their coffees and every so often, a small bite to eat as well, whether it be savoury or sweet.

cibo espresso

We were recently contacted by Cibo and was gifted a $100 gift card to spend at any of their stores and to try their new winter menu that they’ve just launched. Their new range of hearty Italian dishes include home-style pizzas, pastas and soups; all winter warming dishes to tackle the chill we’ve been experiencing.

cibo espresso, soy latte, macchiato, affogato

But as always, coffee first!

Once we all got our caffeine hit for the day, we treated ourselves to a huge carb-filled lunch, we dappled into both their new winter menu and their everyday standard offerings.

cibo espresso, Salame pizza
Salame pizza; $5.90

First up, their pizzas that comes in three different toppings: the traditional margherita with mozzarella and tomato, spinaci: spinach, ricotta and onion, and salame with salami, mushroom, capsicum, chilli and olives. Thick, fluffy foccacia-like bread with a vibrant and flavourful topping with a toasty bottom for some crunch. A different take on pizzas at Cibo’s compared to our preferred thin based pizzas but still a tasty, filling and affordable one. The chilli hit was a welcomed one in terms of flavour and ‘heat’ during this weather. ๐Ÿ˜‰

cibo espresso, Zucca e mascarpone, pumpkin and mascarpone soup, winter menu
Zucca e mascarpone (pumpkin and mascarpone soup); $9.90

There are three hearty winter soup offerings in Cibo’s new menu all at $9.90 a bowl, each one comes complete with a toasted bread roll and a knob of Western Star butter. We opted for our favourite kind in the pumpkin variety with mascarpone; a simple, flavourful, rich, smooth and warming feed. We ignored the bread roll on our visit because we had to prepare our stomaches for the carb onslaught ahead but on any other day, I would have happily mopped the bowl clean with said bread included. Their other soups are the lenticchie e pancetta (lentil and pancetta) and minestrone (winter vegetable and cannellini bean).

cibo espresso, Taglierini al granchio, crab and chilli taglierini, winter menu
Taglierini al granchio (crab and chilli taglierini); $9.90

Cibo have also introduced pasta to their menu; I’d say that pasta would be one of my favourite winter warming dishes, comforting, simple and filling. Just like the pizza and soup, there are 3 varieties on offer, crab and chilli taglierini, taglierini tartufo: truffle and mascarpone taglierini, and penne all’ arrabbiata: capsicum, chili and olive penne. Honestly, the plan was to order all three to taste, but when you read on, you’ll see why we only chose to order one… hehe! We ordered the crab and chilli taglierini to share, a generous serving for $9.90 with plenty of sauce; although we didn’t find much crab meat scattered throughout, there was a strong ‘crab’ flavour present that you could forgive the missing crab meat nuggets. We also thought that some parmesan on the side to sprinkle on top would’ve been nice too!

// EDIT //

So shortly after this blog post went live, one of our readers got in touch with us and informed us that Italians never serve seafood pasta with parmesan as the strong flavour of parmesan would overpower the delicate flavour of seafood, ie. crab. It makes sense doesn’t it?! We’ve always been served parmesan cheese on the side with our pastas, so by default, we thought it was the general rule of thumb, pasta + cheese. But there you go, we learn something new everyday. Thanks Flo for the email and ‘FYI’. ๐Ÿ™‚


The rest of our lunch included a quiche, brioche bread, tigelle, panini and a foccacia! A carb lovers dream!

cibo espresso, Crostatina Uova e Pancetta, egg and bacon quiche
Crostatina Uova e Pancetta: egg and bacon quiche; $6.90

cibo espresso, Rotolo al cotto
Rotolo al cotto: leg ham and swiss cheese rolled in brioche bread; $6.00

cibo espresso, Tigelle tartufo, mushroom, truffle and parmigiano cheese tigelle
Tigelle tartufo: mushroom, truffle and parmigiano cheese tigelle; $4.80 each

cibo espresso

cibo espresso, Panino aia
Panino aia: lemon pepper marinated chicken, mayonnaise and mesculin lettuce; $9.50

cibo espresso, Focaccia pollo
Focaccia pollo: chicken, sun-dried tomato, pesto and spinach focaccia; $9.90

cibo espresso

cibo espresso

We did pretty well and finished just about everything but half the rotolo! Not a bad effort I thought!

Two other new inclusions in Cibo’s new winter menu is an Italian hot chocolate; $3.90 and porridge $6.90 for breakfast eaters. I really wanted to squeeze in the hot chocolate for a taste but we were all pretty carbed out and very very full. There’s always next time!

cibo espresso

Cibo Espresso first set up shop in Adelaide in 2000 and now have grown to 24 stores (and counting) in SA and have expanded interstate to QLD, VIC and WA–there’s bound to be one near you or your work place. ๐Ÿ˜‰

They’ve currently got an offer for all SA Cibo stores, enjoy a complimentary San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water with any pasta purchase! Just show their Facebook or Instagram post to claim the offer; the offer is available until 30th June 2015. Enjoy and stay warm!

[dbites was gifted $100 to spend at Cibo Espresso]


Cibo Espresso
199 Hutt Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8227 0132

Opening hours
Sun-Thu 7amโ€“10.30pm
Fri-Sat 7amโ€“late

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