Sunfresh Salads Warm Salad Pots

Recently, dbites had the chance to sample Sunfresh Salads’ newest salad range – their ‘Down To Earth’ Warm Salad Pots. A package of these goodies were delivered to my doorstep, containing all three flavors: Roasted Vegetable, Quinoa Chicken, and Pulled Beef.

Sunfresh Salads Warm Salad Pots

I was intrigued to hear they were microwavable salads. But what makes these salads stand out is the four-star health rating Sunfresh Salad boasts for this new product range. Healthy, all-Australian ingredients, and ready-to-warm-up salads? Sounded too good to be true!

Sunfresh Salads Warm Salad Pots, Roasted Vegetable Salad Pot
Roasted Vegetable Salad Pot

Each salad comes packaged in a 320 gram container. Pop them directly in the microwave (as instructed on the packaging), wait 2 and a half minutes, and they are ready to be eaten.

Sunfresh Salads Warm Salad Pots, Roasted Vegetable Salad Pot
Roasted Vegetable warm salad pot with buckwheat, cherry tomato and feta

The first warm salad pot I tried was the roasted vegetable. After the first bite, I was surprised to find how flavorful it was. It contained a generous amount of large, sweet cherry tomatoes – plump, juicy, and colorful. The mediterranean flavoured buckwheat was well-seasoned, and was complemented well with the mild and creamy feta. Black-eye beans and pumpkin seeds added earthy flavors and texture to the salad bowl. The salad also included eggplant and pumpkin – hearty ingredients I didn’t expect. Soft spinach and baby kale atop the salad pot added the perfect finishing touch.

Sunfresh Salads Warm Salad Pots, Quinoa Chicken
Quinoa Chicken warm salad pot with roasted garden vegetables, kale and balsamic drizzle

Next, I tried their Quinoa Chicken salad. Yum! I always love a well-cooked and flavourful quinoa salad. In this case, it paired nicely with the chicken. Roast veggies included cauliflower, capsicum, potato, carrot, and red onion. The capsicum, onions, and chunks of carrots were roasted to just the right amount of sweetness and the honey balsamic drizzle tied it all together.

Sunfresh Salads Warm Salad Pots, Pulled Beef
Pulled Beef warm salad pot with pearl couscous, kale, sweet potato, carrot, and chickpea

Lastly, the pulled beef salad pot. The beef was tender and delicious together with the peppery kale. The pearl couscous is cooked perfectly. Earthy lima beans and chickpeas added heartiness alongside the big chunks of sweet potato. And to complement the exotic Middle-Eastern like flavours of the spices, raisins were sprinkled throughout which added bursts of sweetness.

All three salads were surprisingly filling and guilt-free at that, as no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are added. The Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Chicken are both gluten-free and to top it all off, all three salads are 95% fat free and include two and a half serves of veggies. Pretty good deal for a convenient, ready-to-heat meal. Take it to work for a quick lunch or do as I did and heat it up at home for an effortless dinner.

The recommended retail price for these salads is $7.00 and they can be found at Woolworths, IGA, and independent supermarkets. Head to your local grocers or hop on to Sunfresh Salads’ website below for deliveries.

Sunfresh Salads Warm Salad Pots

[All Sunfresh Salad ‘Down To Earth’ warm salad pots were provided free of charge.]


Sunfresh Salads

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