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Oh it’s been a while since we’ve made a return visit to Peel St and when some of our foodie friends alerted us to the fact that they had not been yet, we made a reservation at the hip restaurant pronto and counted down the weeks til D-day came upon us!

peel st

Our party of four studied the menu on the blackboard intensely and finally managed to narrow it down to three small dishes and three larger ones to share–that was a task in itself considering how many other dishes we wanted to try! When we started to relay our order to our waiter, she suggested that four dishes would be more than sufficient between our group… there was a brief silence that blanketed over our table as we paused and stared at each other…. we were all quietly thinking… ‘Really?! But, but… but we want to try allllllll of them’… haha! And as you would have it, we stuck with our guns and hoped our ‘so called’ starving bellies would man up and fit in all the dishes we were going to order cause we sure weren’t going to ‘not order’ what we had our tastebuds and minds set on. Fingers crossed it wasn’t too much food!

peel st, Feral Hop Hog India Pale Ale, beer
Feral Hop Hog India Pale Ale

Some drinks to start the night off as well as having it as a toast to the freakin’ weekend! 😉

peel st, Hendricks gin and tonic
Hendricks gin and tonic

peel st, Snapper crudo, fresh sliced snapper, pickled fennel, ruby grapefruit, capers and radish
Snapper crudo, fresh sliced snapper, pickled fennel, ruby grapefruit, capers and radish; $25.00

First up, a mound of colourful snapper crudo with salad. It was originally a tuna dish but as tuna was unavailable for the day, snapper was the substitute. Thick slices of fresh raw snapper tossed with bright and snappy pickled fennel, juicy citrus ruby grapefruit segments, pops of salty capers and raw radish for some extra crisp and freshness. A beautiful start to the evening, bright, vibrant, light and zippy.

peel st, Hummus with minced lamb, garlic yoghurt, pomegranate, mint, almond and sumac buttered Turkish bread
Hummus with minced lamb, garlic yoghurt, pomegranate, mint, almond and sumac buttered Turkish bread; $23.50

Our next small dish was all sorts of yum and was very similar, if not the same as the Armenian lamb soldiers we had way back. The not so ‘small’ looking plate had a mound of hummus, minced lamb, a mild and refreshing garlic yoghurt, pomegranate, mint, almond and topped off with 4 large toasted sumac buttered Turkish bread. Delishhhhhh. Plenty of food to share between our group of four as well. My favourite thing about the dish was the pomegranate kernels that provided a pop of sweetness with a subtle tartness yet still refreshing and balanced brilliantly with the other slightly rich accompaniments of smooth hummus and minced lamb. I’d go as far as saying it’s a must order dish should you visit Peel St. 😉

peel st, banana blossom chicken coconut salad
Banana blossom, chicken, chilli jam, coconut salad with peanuts and crispy shallot; $24.50

Just when we thought the dishes couldn’t get packed with any more flavour, came my favourite from the evening. The banana blossom with chicken, chilli jam, shredded coconut, peanuts and shallots. A burst of flavour and textures with every heaped mouthful, the shredded banana blossom added a ‘meatiness’ to the dish and the coconut was a lovely surprise with it’s subtle creaminess and sweetness and bite with a smack of heat from the sweet chilli jam. Just… yum!!

Honestly, three small plates in and I was content with how much we had just smashed through but was happy and keen to keep eating. Ha!

peel st, Braised ox tail, Sichuan chilli and cucumber
Braised ox tail, Sichuan chilli and cucumber; $36.00

The first of our ‘bigger’ plates arrived piled high with braised ox tail and yes, bones were still intact. Another bowl was also placed on the table, a bowl of water for us to clean our fingers should we get to the finger lickin’ good stage when it came to demolishing the braised ox tails. Our quartet stayed persistent and focused as we dismantled the meat off the bone using our cutlery and kept them fingers clean! The ox tails themselves were moreish, sticky, sweet and caramelised, the meat was soft and gelatinous, a really easy feed with a good kick of heat from the Sichuan chillies. The fresh cheek of lemon was squeezed over the ox tails providing some tartness and acid to balance out the richness of the meat and the cucumber salad provided that much needed crisp, bright freshness.

peel st, Pork and smoked paprika empanada
Pork and smoked paprika empanada with green apple and fennel slaw, coriander dressing and fresh lime; $35.50

The Stranger and I was looking forward to the mulloway fish pasty but unfortunately, it was not to be as it had been taken off the menu for the time being! Instead, we all settled for the pork and smoked paprika empanada, its flaky pastry encased a soft filling of pork, reminscent of pulled pork meat and brought to life with fresh green apple and fennel slaw and a small pot of zingy coriander dressing with fresh lime.

peel st, Nham dtok, Thai grilled beef with roasted rice
Nham dtok – Thai grilled beef with roasted rice, apple eggplant, grilled shallots, mint and chilli dressing; $37.00

Our final dish was of Thai grilled beef topped with roasted rice, apple eggplant, grilled shallots, fresh mint and dressed in a punchy chilli dressing. A bright and flavourful dish with perfectly grilled beef slices with a touch of pink in the centre and a fragrant grilled char on the outside. The accompaniments lifted the dish up with its bold and punchy flavours and textures; the roasted rice being a nice touch lending a hint of nuttiness and crunch to every delicious bite and a slight peppery sharpness from the grilled shallots and onion. Again, a very similar dish to the beef one we had in the past at Peel St, but last time had a Vietnamese spin on it with vinegar onions and a chilli jam dressing. Both were equally delicious.

We actually made it! We smashed through six plates of food, and surprisingly, the guys on the table were content but could happily eat some more… and they did, a few hours later! A fun night out with like minded individuals over a delicious feed, another dinner date needs to be arranged. 😉

The food at Peel St has yet to disappoint, it is always delicious, seasonal, flavour packed, generous and incredibly filling. The service and atmosphere also complements their food offerings; casual, friendly and relaxed. A favourite and a must visit for any tourist in RAdelaide; bookings are highly recommended especially on Fridays and Saturdays during dinner as time and time again, walk ins will get turned away at the door. We look forward to the day the mulloway fish pasty returns! 🙂


Peel St Restaurant
9 Peel Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8231 8887

Opening hours
Mon-Tue 7.30am-5pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)
Wed-Fri 7.30am-5pm (kitchen closes at 3pm), 6.30pm-late
Sat 6.30pm-late
Sun Closed

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    • dee
      June 22, 2015 at 9:36 AM

      Hope you get one and enjoy!!

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