Street ADL, Rundle Street East, Adelaide

It’s been a while since we’ve headed back to Street ADL after visiting the restaurant shortly after they opened on the popular East End of the CBD on Rundle Street. A quick pre movie/doco bite at Street ADL took place a handful of weeks ago and we were all keen to taste some of their new menu offerings with a mandatory order of their delicious hot chips to share!

street adl
Hot chips; $7.00, cured salmon, miso, pickles and noodle salad, mac ‘n’ cheese; $12.00 and tteokbokki; $14.00

We decided on a few small dishes to share with the hope that they’d come out pronto so we wouldn’t miss the opening of Finding Gaston, a documentary film that follows Chef Gaston Acurio and his passion for Peruvian cuisine–which reminds me that we need to make a revisit to Mestizo Cocina Peruana pronto, Adelaide’s very own Peruvian restaurant!

Our ordered dishes swiftly came out of the kitchen with the hot chips getting a unanimous nod from the table, they must have been triple or quadruple fried for it to get such a crispy crunch that wasn’t greasy at all. The bucket of goodness was well seasoned and each golden baton had a fluffy potato filling in the centre; no need for tomato sauce with these babies!

street adl, Cured Salmon & Noodle Salad
Cured salmon, miso, pickles and noodle salad

The cheeseburger (unpictured) was ordered with a request for ‘bacon on the side’, but when presented, the bacon was not on the side and stacked in the cheeseburger… so the cheeseburger owner took matters into his own hands and put them to the side himself. The waiter must’ve forgotten to let the kitchen know. 😛 Mr Foodie’s verdict on the cheeseburger ($15.00) with dry aged chopped rump steak, bacon and cheese? So-so.

street adl, tteokbokki
Tteokbokki; $14.00

I chose the tteokbokki from our range of dishes, a Korean snack food made from soft rice cakes with free range pork balls, Asian greens, ginger and kimchi. An expensive alternative to the traditional spicy rice cakes that usually comes with fish cakes and covered in a thick gravy-like spicy sauce if ordered from a Korean restaurant, and Street ADL’s take on it was a little small too. I think I’ll stick to the traditional variation with its thick spicy gravy like sauce that coats each rice cake nicely as I found the kimchi a bit too overwhelming in terms of flavour, and its juices/sauce too loose and watered down to coat the rice noodle gnocchi sufficiently.

street adl

We made a revisit to Street ADL not long after our snack session, this time for lunch and most importantly, beer, as the Stranger had a hankering for a beer for that day (when does he not feel like beer? 😛 ). We also settled with their chicken skewers and of course, a side of chips.

street adl, Chicken espetinho
Chicken espetinho; $26.00

After our visit not long ago, I wasn’t too keen on returning but surprisingly, we were mightily impressed with their take on chicken skewers; two free range chicken skewers basted in Niri Niri sauce with wild garlic which was presented by the chef who explained the dish in detail. A very nice little touch that didn’t go unnoticed! The chicken meat was cooked just right, incredibly juicy, moist and flavourful, and the thick sauce was finger lickin’ good–I wonder if I could purchase a bottle of that on its own?

Street ADL offers a quick and easy feed, some of their offerings are a bit more expensive than what you’d get at other eateries along Rundle Street, but the quality and produce counts towards their prices. Hitting up Street ADL soon? Don’t forget to order a side of chips! 😉


Street ADL
285 Rundle Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8227 0344

Opening hours
7 days 12pm-1am

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